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The heart needs sanctuary. 

We’ve been on an emotional roller coast these past two years and those who deeply feel these collective psychic trends need space to reset, recenter, and restore their peace (so we can BE the thing we are longing for on this planet).

The continual “urgency” pressed upon the human psyche to constantly know, do, fix, rescue, save has created an incessant hypervigilance

(psychic inflammation, to be exact).

Healers/energy workers/mystics and empaths are especially sensitive to this energy — and you should know that the amount of people using the psychic realms (prayer/intention/spells/manipulation) is at an all time high!

When we seek shelter in the sanctuary of the heart, we align to the wisdom and resonance of The Mother.

The Mother has epic discernment (and discernment might be our highest leverage point to invest in right now).

In order to BE what we came here to BE, we must allow space for the transmutation of this energy.

We can’t constantly be in “doing” mode. It’s nonsensical (and deadly).

We are not “more worthy” if we sacrifice our mental and emotional stability, or work ourselves to the bone, or constantly feel outrage.

The anomaly is to do JUST THE OPPOSITE. 

Stop doing. Start BEING.

The magic of the turtle shell is not only protective, it’s restorative. It allows us to get close to the heart of the Mother so we can weather the storms.

I’ve never felt the need for turtle magic (the protection of the heart) more vital or essential for empaths than right now.

That’s why I’m offering this FREE LIVE TURTLE MAGIC Workshop in my Abundance Matrix Mastermind on The Mighty Network.

This is for anyone who needs a retreat and a sanctuary for the heart — anyone who needs to deeply receive, to feel sheltered from the storm.

The main focus of the workshop will be the magic and synergy that gets turned on in our electromagnetic field when we access the power of the restored heart (and the two minor chakras above and below; I call them our “Uniqueness and Invincibility Chakras”).

I’m blown away by what Spirit has shown me about these chakras:

When they’re fully turned on and flowing, they create a powerful resonance around our energy field that (like the turtle shell) keeps us safe, protected, and FULL OF VITALITY.

(See “the breastplate of righteousness” in the Bible).

It’s ultimately the KEY to self-sustaining energy in our toroidal field and the way to stop our life-force from circulating in psychic grids of lack and mimic that drain our energy and reinforce war.

When our Uniqueness Chakra (below the heart) is open, we dissolve the program of mimic and begin vibrating at our most authentic signal.

This alone clears up a lot of heavy/stagnate energy that blocks our vitality, and allows the resonance of heaven-on-earth to be established here.

Above the heart is our Invincibility Chakra.

When our heart is turned on, it’s powerful enough to break through our judgement, self-doubt, self-condemnation, and self-hatred (our war with humanity) and give us access to our most potent gift:


The power of these three energies (technically, the energetic expression of our unique trinity) is the way out of the lack matrix.

In fact, it’s the only way out for good.

If you’re curious about jumping into this resonance with me,


All the goodness starts June 1st.

If you can’t make it LIVE, the material and replays will be available in the mastermind indefinitely.

(And there’s more workshops to come)!

Bonus: You’ll also receive access to the Abundance Matrix Mastermind FOR FREE.

I’m excited to host the workshop on the platform where I’ve intentionally created space for the alchemical process of death/rebirth and the restoration of our mythical hearts. 

I want you all to know how much I love, appreciate, and WITNESS you.

It’s okay to open up and receive.

It’s okay to spend time in your turtle shell to mend, repair,  and transmute all the powerful vibrations and psychic trends swirling around you.

This workshop will be soft. 

Our hearts need that.

See you there!




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The Abundance Matrix is Our Way out of Lack

*This is a repost from my blog Chakra Center.

We have an epic opportunity unfolding. 

The current polarization of our collective dialogue into “this or that” thinking is a wake up call to the insanity of the binary mindset of the lack. 

Common sense, experience, and simply taking a look around at the diversity and multitude of different experiences in the world, should make it clear to everyone that life is this AND that (and so much more!).

Humans have a difficult time thinking outside of “this OR that” mindsets because we’ve been raised to believe there is not enough, and therefore something or someone MUST be sacrificed.

We believe sacrifice makes us worthy, and we have a society of people obsessed with sacrificing their desires, instincts, and genius for the reward of social acceptance. 

In our current system, we must prove we are WORTHY to receive by sacrificing whatever the lack matrix tells us will make us “good.” 

The reward punishment system we find ourselves in is non sensical and counter productive to thriving. That’s why we  both accept it daily in our thinking, and fight it adamantly in our “politics.” 

We intuitively understand that it doesn’t work, but we haven’t found a new way to be without it. 

And so war is our default. 

Being “against” something (or someone) is the easiest energy to access on this planet; and the only way to sustain ourselves (in this way) is to keep creating things to fight against.

It’s non sensical. 

In this mindset, we don’t create, we resist. We don’t build, we destroy. We don’t work together, we push apart. We don’t heal, we wound. 

The irony is, humans need relationship, witness, and reflection in order to TRULY correct a mistake and invest the wisdom of their experience. Punishment does not rehabilitate behavior. 

Without Witness, there’s no wisdom. And without wisdom, there’s no direct experience of abundance. 

If our tactic is to punish the things we don’t like or agree with, we create an environment of suppression (one of the most dangerous states to be in). 

Suppression creates monsters and super villains, heroes and victims. And the show must go on!

This is why we don’t develop self trust. It’s why we continue to allow the outside world to dictate to us how to live, what to do, what to say, and how to be.

(And then we go to war with it all, because it doesn’t work!).

Why do we do it?!

I believe it’s because we have a collective mental illness brought about by the ILLUSION that there’s not enough (and the belief that humans are innately “bad” and need to be punished for existing). 

But what if…


What if we are innately worthy of life? 

What if the only thing keeping us from healing + thriving, is our belief that we don’t deserve it?! 

To connect to the natural ebb and flow of energy — to get back in alignment with our TRUE needs — means we must stop hoarding energy out of fear that there’s not enough. 

We need to let go of our ego’s’ obsession with reward/punishment. 

It’s time to establish trust with our creative instincts, so we can build the new world.

Once we let go of the excess worry, thoughts, beliefs, distractions, + obligations created by the owe/earn mentality of lack, we are able to reestablish intimacy with creation.

“Look at the birds of the air.” Jesus said. “For they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” (Matthew 6:26)

When we believe at a core level that we have no innate value or worth, we buy into the lack matrix program that we must “earn” our right to be here and that we innately OWE. 

Earn/owe is the inversion of the “give/receive” nature of creation. 

Give/receive is about alignment with the magnetic force of life. It’s about intimacy with how life FEELS.

Alignment with the give/receive nature gives us direct access to our inheritance: Life Itself.

We already HAVE it. 

We are worthy to be here because we ARE here. 

There is enough. It’s infinite!

We have innate value and worth. 

Why is this so radical to believe?!

If humans believed in their value, our creative energy wouldn’t be manipulated to fuel the lack matrix illusion and the entire corrupt system would fall like the unstable Tower it is. 

We wouldn’t be tangled in shadow contracts that formed through guilt and are reinforced through shame. 

We wouldn’t feel insecure about our identity and out of alignment with our unique creative urge (that we came to express!). 

We wouldn’t ask the outside world to tell us who we are. 

We wouldn’t  hoard energy.

We wouldn’t sacrifice our hearts in favor of war. 

As we regain our creative sovereignty and remember how our creative tech works (hint: we don’t have to sacrifice), we begin to easily and effortless pivot toward our preference.

We give ourselves permission to create and therefore URGE. And urge sustains life. 

In fact, our creative urge is the key to sustainable/renewable energy. 

None of this can happen without a conscious break-up with lack, though. 

We must dissolve the beliefs that there is not enough. We must get back in touch with our creative desires. We must allow our mind to be renewed and transformed with the energy of infinite possibilities. 

Unless we understand that WE  ARE WORTHY and THERE IS ENOUGH, we will continue to fuel war + suffering.
It’s an extinction program.

Spirit has been teaching me about the Abundance Matrix for the past 5 years. For the first time ever, I’m creating an online course to share everything I’ve learned:

*How to ditch the “owe/earn” mentality of lack and get in flow with the “give/receive” technology of Abundance.
*How to recognize the vibrational difference between lack and abundance.
*The 7 Laws of Astronomical Abundance.
*How to do “The Spell of Astronomical Abundance.”
*The mechanism of the lack matrix  (to avoid the trap of continually reinforcing trauma).
*The spiral technology of abundance (+ how to get in alignment with it).
*How to use synchronicity as abundance technology
*How to tap into your unique Abundance language (to unlock your dormant potential).
*How to recognize shadow contracts (+ dissolve them).
*Tips to easily and effortlessly pivot toward your preference (+ include yourself in the equation of your life).
*Morning + night routines to prime and prep your thoughtscape for more abundance to be stabilized in your resonance.
*How to quickly dissolve “lack” agreements by discovering hidden limiting beliefs + transforming them through Witness.

Course includes:

*Abundance meditations
*Abundance subliminals 
*Access to my private Abundance Matrix Mastermind group (on the Mighty Network).

Pre-register for only $88 (price will go up after release date).

Click here to pre-register + receive access to the Abundance Matrix Mastermind + discount. The Abundance Matrix Digital Course will be released May 18th at full price.

*This is a pre-recorded online digital course. You must have internet to access it.

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Happy 2021!

I am SO READY dive back in.For those of you interested, here’s what I have going on in my ABUNDANCE MATRIX MASTER MIND GROUP:

January 2021 — Master Mind Focus

We’re kicking off the New Year with a deep dive into “The 5 Laws of Gold” (from the RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON).

Yet, rather than focusing on “money” as the gold, we will focus on the heart (as it is our true source of abundance). This is where our empathic abilities give us a leg up when it comes to abundance (if we understand how to care for ourselves and invest our powerful gift wisely).Understanding the heart is key to mastering personal abundance. All life flows from the heart.

It truly is our “gold” (and in order for gold to multiply, it requires the skill of those who are “wise in its keeping”).In order to access the resonance and experience of “astronomical abundance” we must learn how to care for our heart, cultivate its desires, and invest it wisely.

As Proverbs 4:23 says: “Above all else, watch over the heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

This January we will take the concepts of the 5 Laws of Gold and learn how to apply them to the care and keep our heart, our personal resonance, and our skillful use of our resonance to master manifestation.​

February 2021 Focus: Love, Sex, and Money

1. Sexual Energy (and how to use it to manifest heaven on earth)

2. How to access creative solutions for roadblocks to abundance

3. How to invest in the psychic real estate of Heaven on Earth using the power of words, thoughts, emotions, and actions to create and participate in the world you want

4.. Accessing the multidimensional internet (to connect to the tribe vibe). Learn the creative adventure of riding synchronicity as a technology, and expand your astral reach (by investing your gifts where they are needed most).4. How to tap our astral inheritance, access unlimited astral wealth, and overcome principalities and strongholds of lack

March 2021: Manifestation Madness

March we will dive into our personal and collective power as a group to focus specifically on manifestation. In reality, manifestation is all about resonance training, but with a powerful, undivided focus on a specific outcome.March will be our chance to get concrete about our vision and utilize all the work we’ve been doing in the astrals to step into a new reality in a physical, “boots on the ground” sort of way.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Personal and group manifestation
  2. Sex magick for manifestation
  3. Timeline jumping
  4. Mastering the concept of quantum indetermination and parallel realities
  5. Establishing your personal algorithm of Abundance through intuitive and instinctual action

Finally, I’m kicking off 2021 with this potent conversation I had with @Taheer_Maat (IG). We talk sex, money, and relationships (and much of this convo reflects the themes we’ll be covering in the ABUNDANCE MATRIX MASTERMIND this year).

You can also win a free 30 min private session with me if you sign up for my email list, subscribe to my Youtube channel, and comment on this video. I’ll be drawing the winner on a Youtube LIVE on January 11th @ 11:11 am MST.

Empaths, Sovereignty + the Abundance Matrix (Throwing Light Podcast Interview)

Hi loves!

I wanted to share with you an interview I did on the Throwing Light Podcast.

We talk about what it means to be an empath, how we can be sovereign during these powerful times of collective shadow work, and why the Abundance Matrix is KEY in our awakening.

Check out other episodes of the Throwing Light Podcast here.

Other recent videos:

How to Navigate Out of the Lack Narrative

Lack is Systemic Oppression

Hope you are taking care of yourself. The time is RIPE for ANOMALY.

Much love!


Abundance Matrix Master Mind Summer Schedule

Hi loves!

I’m SO EXCITED to announce the Summer line-up for the Abundance Matrix Master Mind group on Facebook.

We are in an insanely pivotal time in history. Collective algorithms have shifted and the momentum to jump out of the lack matrix (for good) is at an all time high.

I wanted to take advantage of this unique time to dive deep into the inner-workings of the Abundance Matrix and why it’s the only reality that provides true freedom and sovereignty.

Next week my new website/site will be up and the price for the Master Mind will shift to a monthly subscription.

This is the last week to receive indefinite access to the group for one price.

I will be teaching LIVE each week in the master mind group.

Check out the line-up:

July 2020

July is all about Astronomical Abundance for Empath Entrepreneurs. 

As the world wakes up to the reality of our mass hypnosis in the lack matrix, empaths are being asked to help the collective with shadow work and integration. 

July will be a powerful month in our Master Mind to tap into the 7 Laws of Astronomical Abundance and how they can be applied to our life, business, and the collective experience. You will learn the ins-and-outs of navigating the Abundance paradigm  (as well as tools to help you know when you’re participating in the Lack Matrix — and how to get out). 

Topics we will cover in July:

1. The 7 Laws of Astronomical Abundance (in-depth)

2. How to invest in the psychic real estate of Heaven on Earth (use the power of words, thoughts, emotions, and actions to create and participate in the world you want  — rather than going to war with the world you don’t want).

3. Access the multidimensional internet (to connect to the tribe vibe). Learn the creative adventure of riding synchronicity as a technology.

4. Exit the hivemind (and everything about how the hivemind works) and step into a co-creative/trusting relationship with life

August 2020

When we approach change with a “war” vibration (which can also be a “work hard” or “prove it” vibration) we don’t realize that we punish ourselves (on an energetic level) and push abundance further away.

The rewards vs punishment system is based on the belief that there’s not enough (and therefore belongs to the lack matrix). 

To truly free ourselves from lack, we must RESPECT our creative abilities (the power we have to BELIEVE something) and then tune into the beliefs that saturate our entire human experience with the truth of our abundant nature.

Beliefs can work for our against us. It’s up to us to sift through them and find out which ones keep us in lack, and which beliefs support our growth and expansion.

In order to learn how creative power works, we must be willing to make mistakes, mess up, and allow failure to be our greatest teacher. You can’t do that in a rewards vs punishment system.

In the Abundance Matrix, EVERY belief (and reality) exists. Therefore, we don’t have to go to war with the belief systems we don’t like; we simply invest in the ones we do.

August 2020 will focus on the creative power of our beliefs to design the ideal business, lifestyle, and reality. 

Topics we will cover in August

  1. Answering the collective call for healing (shifting into the win/win/win)
  2. How to leverage your empathic gifts in the shift (allow your empathic gifts to support your life, rather drain it).
  3. Know who your ideal client/audience is
  4. Finding your tribe/astral network
  5. Establishing your personal algorithm of Abundance through intuitive and instinctual action

September 2020

September will be a month of focusing on intention, ritual, and the magic of our empathic gifts.  We will focus on the power of telepathic communication with the tribe vibe, rituals, prayer, and affirmations, as a means of FUELING our own personal energy signature of heaven on earth (and connecting with others who are living it).

Topics we will cover in September:

1. Astral networking (activating the tribe vibe in our psychic field to summon our network).

2. Turning on the multidimensional internet through our ritual and practice (the REAL world wide web is the inner-workings and entanglement of our collective thoughts, fears, and desires…and the world we co-create as a result).

3. The power of psychic communication with our “future self.”

4. Meditations for abundance.

Fall topics will be released in September. 

Next week the Master Mind will shift to a monthly subscription ($22 a month) or $222 yearly (save $42).

This week only you can receive in-depth access to the Abundance Matrix Master Mind (Facebook group) for a one time fee of $111 (never pay for the group again).

Next LIVE will be Thursday, July 9th at 1:11 pm MST

Topic: How to Clear your Signal to the Universe and Ride Synchronicity like a Technology (Law #2 of the 7 Laws of Astronomical Abundance).

Every LIVE is available to watch indefinitely (so don’t worry if you can’t make it LIVE).

I will also choose 3-4 people each month from the LIVEs to join me for a “round table” Zoom call for my Youtube channel. I will select people who are most engaged in the LIVEs and bring a lot of food for thought. The Zoom talks will be audio only (not video).

I’m so excited to connect deeper with you!


Abundance Matrix Master Mind Facebook Group — $111 (one time fee). Price only available until July 6th, 2020.

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Amanda has a powerful ability to see through the illusion of lack.  She communicates it clearly in the group so that I can see where it’s been showing up for me too.

In live workshops, videos and posts in the Abundance Matrix Master Mind, Amanda offers key insights into the places where I have been stuck in old programming and beliefs, so that I am able to shift out of these stories of lack quickly.

I always feel seen and heard in the group and really look forward to new insights that support me in creating a more abundant life, business and world one anomaly at a time!” 

Faith Presley – Member of the  Abundance Matrix Mastermind 

“School is back in session!! Woot woot!!!!! Taking notes and hitting the pavement with you, Amanda!!!! SO READY AND FIRED UP FOR THIS. Your resonance calls me into action through self belief every single time!!! YOU ARE FIRE, Love Sister!” Claudia Cauterucci — Member of the Abundance Matrix Mastermind

” Homegirl you are channeling such fierce love. I’m honored to witness you.” Alexandra Crow — Member of the Abundance Matrix Master Mind