5 thoughts on “Empaths Never Feel Drained Again”

  1. This was Amazing. Whenever, I wanted to motivate my children to take care of themselves first, I would use the analogy of the passengers on the plane, in regard to the adult putting the oxygen mask on first💓😻🙏🏾. I haven’t related that analogy for years. My youngest is 31 and my eldest is 40. I am now Estranged from 4 of my children because, I was hating myself the more I was around them because I felt not good enough. I almost died in March 2017, this year, but my Sister mysteriously died instead, that month I was released from the hospital.

    When the doctor told me my right side of my heart was dead, I thought to myself: No one even knows I’m alive, I haven’t done one thing for myself I enjoy, etc. I went through a lot of emotions, and then in that hospital bed, I told Life that I was born to live Life Fully, abundantly, until I reach 108 years of age.

    Thank you, I appreciate you decided to be born, Love Sekhmet Sapphyre-Sun💓😻🙏🏾


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