7 Questions to Ask Before Making Big Decisions in 2018

To help usher in Abundance, here are 7 Questions to ask yourself before making big decisions in 2018:
1. Does this decision make me feel expansive and limitless (or restrictive and limited)?
2. Is this decision a win/win/win (win for myself, others, and the planet — win for my body, mind, and heart)?
3. Is this decision prompted by what I want (or running from what I don’t want)?
4. Does this decision promote compassion and understanding (or judgment and criticism)?
5. Is this decision motivated by love (or fear)?
6. Does this decision leave room for my humanity (or does it foster perfectionism)?
7. Does this decision feel authentic to who I am (or patronizing to my inner being)? 
If we continue to make decisions based on survival and fear, we will create more lack on the planet.
Let’s choose wisely this year! We’re creating a new matrix, after all.
Peace out.

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