Empath Life Coaches/Mentors

Do you feel called to invest your empathic abilities in the abundance matrix, but have ZERO interest in creating a website, starting a social media platform, and giving your life force to the internet?

My FREE Master Class, 6 Ways Empaths Can Invest their “Gold” and Create a Powerful Resonance of Abundance (Without Feeling Drained), covers everything you need to know to get started.

In the lack matrix, our gifts are spent and underutilized until we dry up and die. In Abundance (heaven on earth) our gifts serve us, restore our life force and re-establishes our trust with the matrix itself.

We don’t have to spend our energy doing what we don’t want to do in order to get something we need (that’s the lack matrix). Instead, we can focus on what we love, call our hearts back, and establish our own unique algorithm for abundance in our electromagnetic field, thereby creating the perfect resonance for self-sustaining abundance, without the need to pour our life force into systems and hoops we have no interest in serving.

We learn to make decisions from a place of empowerment and knowledge of how the Universe really works, rather than fear and ignorance, and strategically give our focus and energy where we also receive abundantly, in return. This is how we invest in heaven on earth — we start creating within that grid.

We must consciously exit the lack matrix, and that means we stop contributing our focus and energy to the old way of doing things.

This class will help you learn how to be clear and specific about what you need (energetically, in your resonance field) so you can receive what feels good to receive, and replenish your life force.

Don’t attempt to give before you are fully restored. Don’t be afraid to receive. Every creation needs to receive love and light in order to grow. You are no exception. When we withhold lifeforce from ourselves, we self-destruct.

We are being called to step into our power and offer restorative, life-giving energy first and foremost, to ourselves. In order to heal humanity, we must first heal our own — we must be restored to our power (which is our HEARTS) and know we are a NOT a slave to the matrix.

If you’re feeling the call, it’s because YOU need to receive healing to remember just how powerful and gifted you really are.

This class is a MUST for any empath who is considering coaching, mentoring, or opening a healing practice of any kind, or anyone who wants to learn the technology of resonance training and overcome the programs of war and lack.

Fill out the form below to receive this FREE Master Class 6 Ways Empaths Can Invest their “Gold” and Create a Powerful Resonance of Abundance (Without Feeling Drained) and you’ll receive the class in your inbox. THE CLASS WILL BE RELEASED FRIDAY, FEB. 2nd

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