How to Find Your Algorithm for Abundance (Free Master Class)

We all have a unique algorithm that codes our electromagnetic field with the signal of “abundance” for our universe to reflect back to us. The trick to access it is, we must be in our hearts.

In the lack matrix, we are programmed with beliefs that cause us to withhold love (abundance) from ourselves, and therefore, we continually fuel the program of having to “earn” the right to be loved by proving our worth. This causes us to continually bypass our deeper needs and therefore, remain in lack.

In fact,Β this drive to prove our worth is rooted in fear and at the core of the lack matrix.

In my next free master class, you’ll learn how to access your unique algorithm for abundance by tapping into your heart and restoring your programming to abundance so you can fuel heaven on earth.

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5 thoughts on “How to Find Your Algorithm for Abundance (Free Master Class)”

  1. Amanda I can see you writing a text for school children. Maybe college elective? Anyway am working on signing for your upcoming course to help get through tremendous lack/ pain in my life.

    You give hope and for that I love you. Your hard work and skillful writing are a lifeline to many no doubt. Thank you with abundance of blessings.


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