6 Strategic Tools for Empath Entrepreneurs to Invest their GOLD


You’ve woke up and want to invest your talents in the Abundance Matrix. Perfect. But know this: we have to navigate our reality different than we did in the lack matrix. We can’t keep doing the same thing, following the same formulas, and expect things to be different.

Everything needs to change.

The problem is, most tips and plans out there rely on you creating an online business — feeding a different version of the “system.” We need to think bigger than that. The goal is to get OUT of the enslavement of systems, not create a new one.

Don’t fall for the belief that you “have” to have online followers, start a Facebook group, do a Youtube channel, or even have an online business. None of those are “wrong,” but they are not the only way. We need to use our programming abilities to upload something NEW and we need to remember how our technology actually works (computers were modeled after our technology, not above it).

(This is everything I’ve learned the past 6 years in my intuitive business).

Your gifts are GOLD.

Avoid mistakes I made. Don’t fall for a different version of slavery and lack. DO NOT BE A SLAVE TO YOUR BUSINESS.

Play the highest leverage point to invest your gifts in the restoration of humanity.

Think big.

Let’s do this.

Fill out the form below for a FREE MASTER CLASS on how to be strategic about your next moves so you can be sure to play the highest leverage for your investment.

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