6 Strategic Secrets for Empath Entrepreneurs to Invest their GOLD (Master Class)

Hi Abundance Weavers!

Today we’re going deeper into how our technology works.

Before you watch these videos, clear your energy field, put a circle of light around you, and ask your higher self to be present for the transmission. You already know this stuff. You’ve just forgotten how it works.

We are meant to access astronomical levels of abundance because abundance is INFINITE. It makes no sense to do anything else. Why would we keep ourselves, others, or the planet in lack? We do this every time we make an unconscious agreement that there’s not enough or we’re not enough. Every time we play the lack game by investing our focus and energy and it. Every time we make a decision out of fear (rather than love).


Just stop.

Make a commitment to break up with the lack matrix once and for all.

This class will give you all the cliff notes from my 6 Week Abundance Training for Empaths Entrepreneurs. After you watch, you’ll most likely want to go deeper and invest in the course, and I can tell you there is no other training like it anywhere.

I’m offering 50% off for the first 10 people who sign-up from this Master Class. I’m also offering one FREE 30 min session with me, for the first 3 people who register (and a chance to be apart of my exclusive focus group training).

If you’re not ready to invest, no worries. The course will be available for you when you’re ready (or the Universe will bring you the perfect next step, customized for you). That’s how the Abundance Matrix works. NEVER make a decision on pressure or fear. You’ll know when you’re called, and you’ll have the means to answer that call. No stress. No worry.

Just trust.

All you need to do is commit to breaking up with your lack mindset and BIG things will start to shift.

You’ll see.

I can’t wait to see what we create in our new world.

Make sure to watch all three videos. Then comment and let me know what you think (I have a free gift for those of you that send me feedback).

Hope you have the most unexpectedly magical Friday!

Much love!



6 Strategic Secrets for Empath Entrepreneurs to Invest their Gold (Master Class)

Pt. 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3


4 thoughts on “6 Strategic Secrets for Empath Entrepreneurs to Invest their GOLD (Master Class)”

  1. Thank you again for so much great information Amanda. ❤ I will definitely attend this class sooner or latter, and much sooner then later. As a visual fine-artist (Graphic Remix Artist), I typically create designs that tell specific narratives that fit together like pages or chapters of art portfolios; these are my stories of how I relate to the world at large. However, several years back i thought if might be a great business idea to create custom pieces for individuals as well. I constructed some great custom collage examples, though never really ran with the idea because it didn't seem to fit my existing business model; nor did I at that time have the confidence that anyone would pay me the amount I feel it's worth for me to invest my time creating a design that would only be sold to one person of group specifically. So basically, you've got me rethinking this whole avenue and all the potential it truly has, not only for individuals but for business as well. In fact, I actually went to school for photography, and more specifically I majored in advertising. Though I've spent the last decade unfortunately working in the restaurant industry instead; and with all the manipulation in the lack matrix, big business mentality, I began to see the advertising industry as pretty evil. Though obviously not all companies are so corrupt, and those are the ones, along with other privet individuals, that I'd really love to create such designs for. There really is so much potential in what I have to offer this world, and I thank you for helping me figure out about how I plan to go about doing that. Much love, Brad. 🙂


  2. Hi Amanda. That was amazing! On a practical level, I love the structure of your talk. It was very organized. But your words and the energy behind them was so much more. I know for sure that I am guided to speak/awaken/activate with many through my voice and writing. I have been contemplating going the wellness coach route. But I don’t if I’m there. I hadn’t thought about business consulting. However, I do have a technological concept that has been on my heart that I believe will help people who struggle with lack consciousness move into the Abundance Matrix quicker and more joyfully. I’m just not sure where to start. Does your 6 week program help fill in the gaps between our gifts and what that looks like teaching wise to a corporation? What I mean is my wounding has been around my mother conveying that I wasn’t good enough through her actions and insinuations etc. As a little girl, I took it on as truth. It led to a string of dysfunctional relationships. Some of them were abusive. How do I bridge the gifts of the wounding to me offering service to a corporation? Will your program address that?
    Much love,


  3. I have abundance. But if your master class can help me to help others be at peace and be happy and fulfilled in there lives I would like to study it. And I Thank you for your enlightenment. PEACE.


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