Activate Your Abundance Algorithm LIVE WORKSHOP

Join me LIVE online Saturday, May 5th for a two-hour workshop on how to activate your personal abundance algorithm.

This LIVE online workshop is meant to help empaths understand how to activate the Abundance matrix in their electromagnetic field by upgrading the primary program from lack to abundance.

We’ll cover how to…

*Tune into our unique abundance essence (what does abundance FEEL like to you?)

*How to access the win/win/win (win for self, others, and the planet. Win for the body, mind, and heart).

*Identify the programs of lack within and delete them

*Replace beliefs of lack (reprogram with abundance)

*Create a daily practice that helps tune us into the abundance matrix

A potent workshop delivered as meditation, content, and memory triggers weaved together, intended to both dissolve lack programming and replace it with an updated “matrix” of abundance.

The workshop will be held via a private group internet call (you’ll receive login info when you register). Bring a notebook, pen, and an OPEN HEART.

Only 10 spots available:

April 28th, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm MST

How to Activate Your Algorithm of Abundance


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(Everyone who registers will receive an email with access to the call on April 26th)

Can’t make it LIVE? Registered for the recording of the workshop (so you don’t miss out on the content)


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(Everyone who registers for the archived workshop will receive a recording of the workshop emailed to them on May 7th)


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