Manifest Miracles (By Repowering Your Chakras)

My BRAND NEW Chakra Cleanse online course starts Monday, September 17th. Watch the video below for details.

We’ll be focusing on manifesting miracles by allowing our old selves (and the old way of thinking) to die so a NEW way of being can be reborn.

We’ll explore how the upper and lower chakras connect (via the heart) and practice taking authority over our central nervous system and allow all aspects of what we are (body/mind/heart) to work together (rather than be at war).

This is a powerful shift and also a prerequisite for the 6 Week Abundance  Training Course (which will also be released in September).

Everyone who preregisters will be added to a private Facebook group where I will go through the cleanse with you and conduct 3 LIVEs along the way.

As an additional bonus, everyone who preregisters will get to share the cleanse material with 2 friends of their choice (these people will not be added to the Facebook group). This gives you an opportunity to go through the material with others you are close with and hold each other accountable (you could also split the price 3 ways and save 1/3 of the cost).

This is the only time the class will be taught LIVE. An archived version of the class will be available the last week of October.


The first week of the Chakra Cleanse will be sent to your inbox on September 17th! You can go through the material at your own pace. All you need is a computer and internet connection.

Pre-register here!

Chakra Cleanse: Manifesting Miracles Online Class
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EVERYTHING about my site is about to change, and my older classes will no longer be available. Because I’ve had a lot of you asking me which classes I have available, I wanted to give everyone ONE LAST CHANCE to buy these archived, older classes before they’re gone for good.


11 Day Emotional Detox $11 

Emotional detox2

For anyone who wants to go deep and learn how I regularly clear and detox my emotional body of excess emotional energy, stress, and overthinking. Only $11!

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Empathic Communication $33

Explore what it means to be a master energy communicator,  how empathic abilities can help in conscious manifestation, and how empaths are laying the groundwork for telepathic communication

(geared toward empowered/skilled empaths)

spiralBuy Now Button

How to Heal and Thrive as an Empath $33

Understand your empathic abilities, focus on healing past emotional wounds, utilize the power of Shadow Integration, and discover tools to help you thrive!

Bliss energyBuy Now Button

Empowering Empathic Abilities $22


Learn how to feel safe and empowered as an empath, heal the emotional body, create a healthy energetic hygiene practice, and allow your power to be perceived.Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Creating with Emotions $33

chakras perfection

Learn about the role of emotions in creating reality, how emotions fuel our point of attraction, the importance of self-trust/healing, the role of desire in creation, the power of NOW, and practices that help remove common blocks to manifesting.
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“So far I’ve been a part of two of Amanda’s courses. Both have been extremely helpful in my journey and have opened up places of healing as well as places of growth in areas I didn’t even know I needed it. Her courses have shown me ways in which I can empower myself and in turn empower others as well. I’ve also connected with an awesome community through these as well! Her online classes feel extremely personal and connected. I would highly suggest taking any of her courses if you’re new to this field, have some experience, or are simply looking to connect. I don’t know a single person who couldn’t benefit from taking Amanda’s courses.” – Ryan Nolan, New York

Amanda Flaker, I don’t think I’ve told you how much your work has helped me.  Very specifically in the last week I was driving the 84 miles home from LA and I realized there was no trigger anymore when the image of the PEST (person exhibiting sociopath tendencies) came to mind.

The thing that is really significant for me (other than the obvious, that I am doing really well in my hometown again) is how clear everything is around this person, compared with the other people who have been triggers for me in my life. Some people I am still working through – some have taken years. But this one, which was so extreme and almost life-ending, this one is clear. And I have no doubt this is due to the work you have shared so generously with all of us. Thank you.” Michaele S. – California 

” [Empowering Empathic Abilities] is a fantastic course for empaths looking to understand their inner abilities, thus helping to understand oneself more. It is said that the discovery of self-dwarfs the descent of Everest, and this class for me, helped in beginning my climb.”  Tabitha Johnson, Colorado

“[How to Heal and Thrive as an Empath] is awesome – that’s all I can say. Amanda is a gift and such a beautiful soul. Her courses are invaluable on the subject of empaths. I have known her for a couple of years and her work has been hugely helpful to me.”  Natalia Clark, England 

“I’m loving the class, Amanda. I’m learning so much about myself and about current issues I’m encountering. I’m gaining a whole new perspective that I’m super grateful for. Thank you.”   Cheryl W., BC

“Amanda is a beautiful soul with an amazing gift and I feel blessed to have connected with her. I have had three soul readings from her. The accuracy of the readings were phenomenal. She truly could read my soul. She picked up on all my vulnerabilities in a compassionate sensitive way. Each time I had a reading she was able to uncover and assist in healing a deeper layer of blockages. After every session, I felt elated and had the complete confidence to know that I could use the tools she had given me to continue to work on myself. I can truly say that Amanda has helped to transform my life. I now feel empowered to move forward and also confident in the knowledge that whenever I do encounter life’s obstacles Amanda’s tools will assist me in overcoming them. I would highly recommended Amanda.” Ann Elizabeth, England

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