How to Use the Astral Network (For Empaths and Intuitives)

(Excerpt from Chakra Center)


Here’s the deal:

All the work we think we need to do on the internet, we can do in the astral realm. It’s called resonance training. And guess what?! It works faster and more efficiently than all the time/energy (and money!) we spend jumping through online technology hoops and algorithms! The trick is learning to hold the abundance signal consistently. The more you do it (and the more of us that do it) the easier it gets.

In my FREE workshop (“How to Connect to the Astral Network to Increase Your Abundance”) I will introduce the concept of creating an abundance algorithm on the astral network and making the signal clear so people and opportunities can find you.

How does this relate to “business”?

Every client I’ve manifested found me in their own synchronicity — not because of any social media formula I followed, but because I sent out a special request for them and used the internet as a way for them to find me.

In fact, every time I tried an “online business formula” or sales page, it failed. Why? Because if what I teach is true (we manifest based on our resonance), the sales page doesn’t matter. Resonance does. Authenticity matters. Truth matters. We must be true to what we are.

I was getting it backward. I thought I needed to know how social media worked. Nope. I needed to increase the strength of my signal to reach the people who were meant to work with me.

The more I worked on my signal, the better and better I got at manifesting my ideal client. Every time I followed an online formula, I attracted people who were not right for me (or no one at all).

Guys! I’ve been studying the abundance matrix for 5 years now.

What I’m going to teach in this workshop I haven’t shared anywhere else (not yet, anyway). You get a front-row seat and it’s free — so don’t miss it (oh — and be sure to subscribe to my podcast next week for even more details on this tech).

The thing is people who enjoy mega success didn’t get there by doing what everyone else did. They did something different. They broke the mold. They were early adopters of a new model.

And now here you are! An early adopter of abundance technology.

The timing couldn’t be better; social media is saturated. Time for something new.

 We are being asked for by the collective.

It took me 5 years of mentoring and coaching to figure out what works quickest and most powerfully to reach the people I’m meant to connect with. I fully support myself as a mentor, and I don’t rely on social media algorithms or sales formulas to do it.

Yes. Social media is a tool and it plays a role, but it’s a tool that’s malleable. The internet is meant to work FOR us, not be our master. It is meant to bend to OUR will, not the other way around. We must remember that we are the programmers. We need to tell it what to do (with love and gratitude, of course). But the entire purpose of the internet is to connect us.

Here’s how it goes:


  1. Clear all abundance blocks in your signal
  2. Let the world know what you do
  3. Do everything in your power to shift your resonance to a primary program of abundance
  4. Trust the Universe to bring the *exact* right people/opportunities in (win/win/win)
  5. Act when you feel the call
  6. Don’t miss the opportunities you asked for because of doubt or fear.
  7. Use synchronicity as a technology
  8. Memorize the energy signature of abundance (and lack) so you can quickly tell the difference

Consider this: In the same way the internet uses targeted marketing, the Universe will perfectly frequency match in the material world what you signal in your energy field. We must know what our signal broadcasts and learn to tune it to the *exact* resonance we want to experience.

This is how we take back our power from the external.

The Universe WILL match us up perfectly with our next step when we trust. All we need is to take that leap of faith.

Hopefully, I’ll see you on November 17th for our one hour workshop (11 am MST)! The LIVE will be held in a private Facebook group. You will receive an email on the 16th with access. If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so below:

1 thought on “How to Use the Astral Network (For Empaths and Intuitives)”

  1. After a friend pointed it out about about me and I started looking into the topic of empaths, you were the first person who really resonated with me. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, your an amazing person and a great teacher Amanda. Thank you, and I know I really should check in with you more, but I think you’ve helped me understand and work through a lot so far, and this definitely sounds like a great way to market.

    Also, you got me thinking again about creating custom art designs for people, and I figured out a good business model that I’m starting to implement for it once I start attacking clients. Though to say thank you for everything, I would love to make one for you completely free of charge, if you would like to have one. Check out the section on my site for details, and give some thought if there’s any type of photos you would like me to graphically remix, totally free, for you. Anyway, have a wonderful day.


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