The Spell of Astronomical Abundance

Use this spell to tune your frequency to the Abundance Matrix:

Directions for The Spell of Astronomical Abundance (the reconciliation of your past, present, and future self to the NOW):

  1. Fire up your chariot (Claim authority over your electromagnetic field,– fill your energy field with light)
  2. Release/revoke all contracts with the Lack Matrix (subliminal messages and unconscious agreements)
  3. Upload the program of Abundance (declare out loud your intention to upgrade your primary navigation system from lack to abundance — the win/win/win)
  4. Restore the Trinity Tech (allow your body/mind/heart to be in fellowship, rather than war through the program of FORGIVENESS)
  5. Seal your electromagnetic field  in Prayer (intend for your energy field be used for the purpose of restoration/healing — this begins with your healing)
  6. Tune into the Network of Astronomical Abundance  (receive the frequency of heaven on earth)

These videos give a ton of detail about this spell:

Part 2:

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If you’re one of the 22 called to do the Spell of Astronomical Abundance with me in *real time,* here’s what’s up:.

From Jan. 1st 2019 – March 11th 2019 we will journey through

11 Day Emotional Detox to cleanse and heal the emotional body and directly confront programs we have activated that are not in alignment with the win/win/win. This week will reconnect you to the desires of your soul. Desire is our fuel, and many empaths have traded their desire for duty (because the lack matrix tells us we must be “worthy” to experience our desires).  This class is completely updated from the original and will give you the tools and practice to get your alignment back on track with your purpose. ($111 value)

Chakra Cleanse + 5 Laws of Gold (for empaths) to dive into the emotional energy of the heart and how it moves and interacts with the body. Each chakra is connected to specific organs of the body and directs the way energy moves in our physical vehicle. As an empath, your emotional energy is KEY to your ability to thrive. If you feel you’ve “failed” because of your emotional sensitivities, THINK AGAIN. Once you know how to properly listen to, direct, and INVEST your emotions in the win/win/win, you’ll quickly see how they are your GOLD. We will go over the 5 Laws of GOLD (from THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON) and learn how to apply them to our gifts. If we don’t know how to use and invest our talent, we lose it. ($333 value)

“Gold clingeth to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of men wise in its handling.” Law 3

How to Make Love to Your Life to activate the passion of our soul and truly use our gifts to experience life as our LOVER (not our master). Once we’ve freed the emotional body from the chains of the lack matrix, our soul is at liberty to fully experience our desires as creators. We are suspicious of desire because we haven’t known its place in our soul’s journey. This class takes us to the heart of our desire (inside the genie lamp where we’ve imprisoned it) and free our inner genie (genius) to soar into the heights of its ability. This class will help you overcome the fear of your power and employ it in the  service of the win/win/win (aka Heaven on Earth) – ($444 value)

6 Week Abundance Training Course (for empath entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists, and writers) to discover our ideal client (or audience), connect to the network of astronomical abundance,  invest our gifts in the Abundance Matrix, and learn the art of Astral Gaming (creating heaven on earth with purpose and FUN!). The lack matrix makes “business” a war game. It takes the art of creation way too seriously (and makes Abundance seem like an unattainable goal only for the “worthy ones” who give their entire soul to the game). Yes, we are powerful and that power can hurt or harm, but the lack matrix has hidden our true power from us and enslaved our desire in competition and worthiness games. This class will realign your “business plan” with your “soul contract” and activate your innate gifts and Trinity technology to bring astronomical abundance to your lifestyle. This class lets you bypass all the business BS and go straight for your heart’s desire. ($999 value)

All 22 people participating in this SPELL will receive a private video session with me. ($122 value) and be added to a private Facebook group where I will be training LIVE with you each week.

Total value: $2009

New Years Magic Price: $599 (that’s a $1410 savings) 

*After Feb 1st all classes will be available individually at their listed value. None of the classes will be available apart from this group before Feb 1. This private group is the most “astronomical value” you can get on this GOLD. 

**If you paid for any of the beta test versions of these classes, you will receive the final updated version for free (on its own by Feb 1st).

22 is the Master Builder Number (and my life path number as well). Can you FEEL the power of this spell?!

Are you ready? Are you called?

We begin Jan. 1st.

The first 22 people who sign up are in. I can’t wait to see what we create.

The Spell of Astronomical Abundance (in action) 22 Master Builder Group – $599 (registration will be open until December 17th)

SOLD OUT (Jan – March)

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