11 Day Emotional Detox


This cleanse is designed to help us shift old, stagnate emotional energy out of our chakras and consciously welcome in NEW vibrant emotional energy that will help fuel our dreams and abundance into reality.

Emotions are the fuel for creation and when we carry stagnate/stuck emotional energy in our chakras, we block the flow of creation.

In this NEW emotional cleanse, we explore the energy of each of our 7 main Chakras (and two new, unexplored chakras), learning how to identify and address blocks and release old emotional energy that may be blocking our health and manifestations.

11 Day Emotional Detox $111

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Happy detox!


Cleanse details:

This cleanse is designed to go at your own pace. All content will be sent to your inbox. This is a DIY online class. All you need is email and internet access.

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