Free Facebook LIVE Q&A for Empaths Entrepreneurs

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Hi loves!

I’m hosting a FREE Facebook LIVE on Sunday March 10th @ 4:44 pm MST.

This is a Q&A for anyone interested in being a coach/mentor, or who simply wants to learn how to use their empathic abilities to manifest their ideal life/career.

Fill out the form below to join! If you can’t make it LIVE, you’ll still have access to the archive (you must have a Facebook account to join).

I’ll also be talking about how to use the Astral Network to connect to your ideal network of co-creators. It’s going to be so much fun (and magical and weird!).


You will receive a link to the private Facebook group on Saturday morning.

Can’t wait to see you there!

I’m excited to connect!

Much love!


PS. If you haven’t seen my latest Youtube Video “7 Hacks I’ve Learned as a Coach (for Empaths)” you can check it out here.

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