Djinn Magick: Dissolve Shadow Contracts and Set Your Djinn Free


Abundance Marix LogoHI LOVES!

Welcome to the art of DJINN MAGICK!

I created this class primarily for myself, but I thought I’d invite others along for the journey who may benefit from learning these powerful tools to overcome lack.

I wanted to explore the archetype of the Genie (djinn) to help me understand the “Shadow Contracts” (beliefs) we’ve formed that keep us enslaved to lack programs.

I’ve been obsessed with knowing everything I can about how the matrix functions (and the role of our beliefs within it).

Djinn Magick goes behind the scenes to look at the powers and principalities that hold our enslavement in place and the agreements we continue to make (via our thoughts/words/actions) that continue to reinforce those contracts.

There are so many tools to meet needs in our reality and even manifest things very quickly, but I’m interested in THE ONE THING that I can do to shift my programming from a primary belief in lack (there’s not enough, we’re not enough), to a core belief in abundance (there’s enough, we’re enough). Once the primary operating system shifts, everything changes.

What we authentically believe at a core level is what determines our reality, (and sadly, some of the loudest voices in the human collective authentically believes in lack more than abundance).

So we run our lives on fear. We make decisions out of fear. We use fear to manipulate others. Fear is in fact, the core energy of lack.

It only makes sense that if we want to shift our primary reality from lack (‘there’s not enough,’ ‘I’m not enough’), to abundance (‘there’s enough,’ ‘ I’m enough’), we need to practice the vibration opposite of fear.


Love is the true power. It’s the gift. It’s the value. And it’s the one thing wanted and needed above all else.

Shifting to a core belief in abundance does not mean we deny the fact that lack exists, it simply means we realize that abundance does also. Lack is not the ONLY reality. And that changes everything.

I personally believe the only way to be restored to our power (ability to meet our needs directly) is to have our hearts restored. That means the way IN is THROUGH the heart: through the thoughts we think in our hearts, the emotions we feel, and the story we tell about what it all means.

In this class, the genie is our authentic heart’s desires and the “lamp” is our body (the place we host our desires/beliefs within).

It’s been said the body carries the memory of our trauma, and our ancestors’ trauma. Our DNA itself carries the this record. This material explores the tools and awareness we need to dissolve any and all Shadow Contracts in our  life, connect directly to the life force within for power, and release stagnate energy stuck in the energy field that may be draining our life force.

Basically, it’s about alignment with our power (which is of course, the heart).

Our desires (djinns) always attempt to be free, but our agreements that we are bad, not enough, and unworthy of receiving keep them trapped and doing the bidding of the lack matrix through fear, guilt, and shame.

When we release those trapped emotions we set our heart’s free. Our heart’s come alive again. Now that the blocked energy is released, the power can flow freely and be directed toward fulfilling our desire.


We do not have to EARN our right to be here.

We do not have to PROVE our worth in order to be accepted and happy.

And guess what?!

We have DIRECT access to the source of love. We no longer have to give away our life force to get it. 

We can’t buy, manipulate, or ‘prove’ our way to love.

Love is a FREE GIFT (and there truly is enough for everyone). Love is an unlimited.

The problem is, we have habitual thoughts, words, and actions that repeat lack stories and beliefs which cause us to continue to experience lack in our reality.

This class is designed to dig deep to understand, unwind, and dissolve agreements we’ve made with lack so we can change the program from within and set our hearts free once and for all.

Here’s what we cover:

*Shadow contracts: what they are, how they function, and how we can release ourselves from them.

*The role of emotions: how to develop emotional intelligence so we can strengthen our discernment and avoid entering into contracts with the Lack Matrix.

*The role AUTHENTIC DESIRE plays in creation and how to line them up with our actions to consciously create our reality.

*The power of our WORD: Why we need to speak authentically about our emotions and own what we want and how we feel.

*Triggers: How they work, their purpose, and how to use their powerful energy to catapult into your next reality.

*Sexual Energy: The central role our sexual nature plays in everything we attract and create in our lives. We’ll also cover how to use sexual energy for manifestation.

*Intention: It’s power, purpose, and place in manifestation.

These are the primary power tools I believe we need to unhypnotize the ourselves (and therefore, the collective) from lack.

This will be especially helpful for empaths, intuitives, and creative people.

THIS IS A PRE-RECORDED CLASS and is NOT taught LIVE.  You will receive an email with access to the class on the day it is released (MAY 11th 2019).

Each topic is taught in an online module which you can access in your own time and at your own pace. You will have indefinite access to the class (you’ll just need internet connection). FYI: These will be mostly audio/visual recordings.

Everyone who preregisters gets 1 year access to the my Abundance Matrix Mastermind group on Facebook, for free ($88 value).

ALSO…I’m giving away 22 random gifts (including 1:1 personal sessions, free classes + private content) to the next 22 people that sign up (as of May 8th). I will intuitively choose which gift to give you and send a private email to let you know. So excited to see who connects! 

Refunds for this class will only be granted BEFORE the class is released. Please allow 7-14 business days to process all refunds.

Ladies and gents, we are entering into the TIME OF THE FREE DJINNS and the release and restoration of the human heart! How exciting that you’re apart of this adventure.

Can’t wait to dive in!

Djinn Magick Pre-Recorded class (Released May 11th) $111

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Wanna learn more about Shadow Contracts? Check out this video.


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