Private Mentoring Package (October)

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Hi loves!

I’m doing something new and experimental with my October Mentoring (I wonder if it’s ever been done before?):

These spots are for empath entrepreneurs, life coaches, and those in the healing/art practices.

Rather than focus on an “online business strategy” approach, we focus on a “multidimensional online business approach.” How can we use our intuitive/empathic/psychic gifts to:

*Psychically call in our ideal clients/audience

*Mentally + emotionally connect to our ideal network (astral networking)

*Invest in the abundance matrix (win/win/win)

*Create heaven on earth

We haven’t even scratched the surface of what we are capable of.

*Using our gifts to DIRECTLY program into the matrix our ideal reality (jumping straight into the reality where it’s done).

This will be a GROUP MENTORING experience (as well as individual sessions with me).

This mentoring group will give us the opportunity to stretch our magic and tap into a new way of doing “business.” Beyond conscious business practices, this is multidimensional practice (jumping timelines).

I’m going ALL IN + offering:

*Five 1:1 personal sessions with me (40 min each) – $750 value

*The 6 Week Abundance Training (most recent beta test + final version when it’s released) $888 value

*3 Group Mentoring Sessions (a Zoom call with all 5 people mentoring) – $450 value

*Djinn Magick Online Audio Course – $111 value

Total Value: $2199

October Mentoring Package Experimental Special: $888


Can’t wait to see who answers the call!

Much love!


3 thoughts on “Private Mentoring Package (October)”

  1. Thank you for the opportunity Amanda. It will happen for me. Right now the ex is exploiting my reputation by using old business # on social media. He’s actually RT racist radicals. Pretty much all that he is. I appear to be despicable. Have a tech and a tech company working on it. I adore you and appreciate all you have shared. You’ve been my saving grace. Truly yours, Linelle I love seeing you doing well💟


  2. Before today I didn’t know your name. I know it now. Thanks to the decisions I’ve made in the recent years of my life, I am able to understand every word you spoke. And now thanks to you, I now identify myself as an Empath Entrepreneur. Your video is inspiring people like me to feel safe to fully wake up. Best thing I’ve ever seen on the internet.


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