Happy 2021!

I am SO READY dive back in.For those of you interested, here’s what I have going on in my ABUNDANCE MATRIX MASTER MIND GROUP:

January 2021 — Master Mind Focus

We’re kicking off the New Year with a deep dive into “The 5 Laws of Gold” (from the RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON).

Yet, rather than focusing on “money” as the gold, we will focus on the heart (as it is our true source of abundance). This is where our empathic abilities give us a leg up when it comes to abundance (if we understand how to care for ourselves and invest our powerful gift wisely).Understanding the heart is key to mastering personal abundance. All life flows from the heart.

It truly is our “gold” (and in order for gold to multiply, it requires the skill of those who are “wise in its keeping”).In order to access the resonance and experience of “astronomical abundance” we must learn how to care for our heart, cultivate its desires, and invest it wisely.

As Proverbs 4:23 says: “Above all else, watch over the heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

This January we will take the concepts of the 5 Laws of Gold and learn how to apply them to the care and keep our heart, our personal resonance, and our skillful use of our resonance to master manifestation.​

February 2021 Focus: Love, Sex, and Money

1. Sexual Energy (and how to use it to manifest heaven on earth)

2. How to access creative solutions for roadblocks to abundance

3. How to invest in the psychic real estate of Heaven on Earth using the power of words, thoughts, emotions, and actions to create and participate in the world you want

4.. Accessing the multidimensional internet (to connect to the tribe vibe). Learn the creative adventure of riding synchronicity as a technology, and expand your astral reach (by investing your gifts where they are needed most).4. How to tap our astral inheritance, access unlimited astral wealth, and overcome principalities and strongholds of lack

March 2021: Manifestation Madness

March we will dive into our personal and collective power as a group to focus specifically on manifestation. In reality, manifestation is all about resonance training, but with a powerful, undivided focus on a specific outcome.March will be our chance to get concrete about our vision and utilize all the work we’ve been doing in the astrals to step into a new reality in a physical, “boots on the ground” sort of way.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Personal and group manifestation
  2. Sex magick for manifestation
  3. Timeline jumping
  4. Mastering the concept of quantum indetermination and parallel realities
  5. Establishing your personal algorithm of Abundance through intuitive and instinctual action

Finally, I’m kicking off 2021 with this potent conversation I had with @Taheer_Maat (IG). We talk sex, money, and relationships (and much of this convo reflects the themes we’ll be covering in the ABUNDANCE MATRIX MASTERMIND this year).

You can also win a free 30 min private session with me if you sign up for my email list, subscribe to my Youtube channel, and comment on this video. I’ll be drawing the winner on a Youtube LIVE on January 11th @ 11:11 am MST.

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