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The heart needs sanctuary. 

We’ve been on an emotional roller coast these past two years and those who deeply feel these collective psychic trends need space to reset, recenter, and restore their peace (so we can BE the thing we are longing for on this planet).

The continual “urgency” pressed upon the human psyche to constantly know, do, fix, rescue, save has created an incessant hypervigilance

(psychic inflammation, to be exact).

Healers/energy workers/mystics and empaths are especially sensitive to this energy — and you should know that the amount of people using the psychic realms (prayer/intention/spells/manipulation) is at an all time high!

When we seek shelter in the sanctuary of the heart, we align to the wisdom and resonance of The Mother.

The Mother has epic discernment (and discernment might be our highest leverage point to invest in right now).

In order to BE what we came here to BE, we must allow space for the transmutation of this energy.

We can’t constantly be in “doing” mode. It’s nonsensical (and deadly).

We are not “more worthy” if we sacrifice our mental and emotional stability, or work ourselves to the bone, or constantly feel outrage.

The anomaly is to do JUST THE OPPOSITE. 

Stop doing. Start BEING.

The magic of the turtle shell is not only protective, it’s restorative. It allows us to get close to the heart of the Mother so we can weather the storms.

I’ve never felt the need for turtle magic (the protection of the heart) more vital or essential for empaths than right now.

That’s why I’m offering this FREE LIVE TURTLE MAGIC Workshop in my Abundance Matrix Mastermind on The Mighty Network.

This is for anyone who needs a retreat and a sanctuary for the heart — anyone who needs to deeply receive, to feel sheltered from the storm.

The main focus of the workshop will be the magic and synergy that gets turned on in our electromagnetic field when we access the power of the restored heart (and the two minor chakras above and below; I call them our “Uniqueness and Invincibility Chakras”).

I’m blown away by what Spirit has shown me about these chakras:

When they’re fully turned on and flowing, they create a powerful resonance around our energy field that (like the turtle shell) keeps us safe, protected, and FULL OF VITALITY.

(See “the breastplate of righteousness” in the Bible).

It’s ultimately the KEY to self-sustaining energy in our toroidal field and the way to stop our life-force from circulating in psychic grids of lack and mimic that drain our energy and reinforce war.

When our Uniqueness Chakra (below the heart) is open, we dissolve the program of mimic and begin vibrating at our most authentic signal.

This alone clears up a lot of heavy/stagnate energy that blocks our vitality, and allows the resonance of heaven-on-earth to be established here.

Above the heart is our Invincibility Chakra.

When our heart is turned on, it’s powerful enough to break through our judgement, self-doubt, self-condemnation, and self-hatred (our war with humanity) and give us access to our most potent gift:


The power of these three energies (technically, the energetic expression of our unique trinity) is the way out of the lack matrix.

In fact, it’s the only way out for good.

If you’re curious about jumping into this resonance with me,


All the goodness starts June 1st.

If you can’t make it LIVE, the material and replays will be available in the mastermind indefinitely.

(And there’s more workshops to come)!

Bonus: You’ll also receive access to the Abundance Matrix Mastermind FOR FREE.

I’m excited to host the workshop on the platform where I’ve intentionally created space for the alchemical process of death/rebirth and the restoration of our mythical hearts. 

I want you all to know how much I love, appreciate, and WITNESS you.

It’s okay to open up and receive.

It’s okay to spend time in your turtle shell to mend, repair,  and transmute all the powerful vibrations and psychic trends swirling around you.

This workshop will be soft. 

Our hearts need that.

See you there!




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