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My NEW 6 Week Abundance Spell (for Empath Entrepreneurs) starts APRIL 1st. This class will be taught LIVE (in a private Facebook group). You must have a Facebook account to join. If you can’t make the LIVE sessions they will be available to watch on replay at your convenience.

LIVE sessions will be Monday’s + Wednesday’s at 11:11 am (for one hour).

These times may be subject to change during the course of the 6 weeks (advance notice will be given).

Think of this class as a manifestation spell for healing the wound of lack in yourself/others/the planet.

This course is specifically designed for empath coaches/mentors/artist and influencers who want to use magic to create a business centered around their gifts.

Here’s what we’ll cover

Week 1: Find Your WHAT and your WHY for Creating

In order to truly tap into your superpower and leverage it in your business, you need to know WHAT it is you do, why it’s valuable, and WHY you care. To truly make a difference and live a life full abundance and healing, you need to discover your WHY. You need to tap your passion. You need to feel inspired. Week one will get your started on the path.

Week 2: Tap Your Genius Niche

You’re an empath. But do you know how to leverage that gift? Do you know how to invest it in the restoration of yourself, others, and the planet? Empaths are needed and being asked for by the collective, but you have to be able to recognize and value how you uniquely use this gift, how to strengthen and build your life around it, and how it can benefit you (and others). Week two will help you discover this.

Week 3: Discover Your Ideal Client/Audience

The people who need your wisdom, art, services, and creations are people who are stuck in places you’ve been stuck, experiencing trauma you’ve experienced, or lost down roads all too familiar to you. That’s why they’re asking for you.

Week 3 teaches you how to connect to your ideal client (which is your past self) and do some healing/manifestation work to call them to you. They’re already asking/praying for you, and guess what? The primary way to reveal yourself to them is ASTRALLY. Before you get caught up in all the tactics of “online” business, connect with them through the real WEB. Every human is intricately connected through the web of creation and we access that web through the heart.

Week 3 will get us in alignment energetically as well as turn up our resonance and uncloak ourselves in the astrals so the Universe can bring us the people who have already asked for us.

Week 4: Connect to Your Network of Creative Support

In week 4 we dive deeper into the astrals and tune into our network of creative support. No one is successful alone. There are many relationships, co creative partnerships, and “business” networks in your future that are apart of your new family of abundance (and also part of the new world we are co creating together).

Abundance is not about DOING (that’s the lack matrix. Abundance is about receiving the GIFT. Week 4 we turn our manifestation skill to our network of co creators and the gift of their support. We will call our new life to us through the practice of RESONANCE (this is powerful, fun, unconventional “work” that will get you excited about being an empath. Whether you know it or not, you’re an expert at manifesting. You just have to tune into the right thing.

To move forward with confidence we need to feel supported by the Universe. This week will tune us in.

(Yes, this week will include Dreamtime Networking)

Week 5: Do the Spell

Now we do the actual “spell.” This week you will intuitively design your own “spell” to call in your next level of abundance. It will include identifying abundance blocks to dissolve, consciously releasing fears, and setting the ultimate intention for your life’s work. It sounds woo woo, I know. But I’m telling you THIS WORKS (and it’s a lot of fun!)

Week 6: Establish Your Personal Algorithm of Abundance

Your electromagnetic field was hijacked in the lack matrix and taken over by “programs” that were not for your benefit. This week we take back our authority over our electromagnetic field and create an “antivirus” to the virus of lack we contracted when our system was hijacked by the mind.

We learn to access our operating system (through the heart) and set up our untouchable algorithm to unending abundance (through the loophole of infinity).

This week you re-write your program (signal) in the matrix and take back your power for good.

THIS CLASS IS TAUGHT LIVE IN A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP. No workbooks or pre recorded info. If you can’t join LIVE you can watch the replays at your convenience and go at your own pace.

6 Week Abundance Spell (normally $888)

NEW 11 Day Emotional Detox ($111)

Total cost: $444 (save $555! APRIL ONLY)

Can’t wait to do some magic with you!

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of signing up.

Class begins April 1 2019.

6 Week Abundance Spell (for Empath Entrepreneurs) $444

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