6 Week Abundance Training for Empath Entrepreneurs

Are you an empath or highly sensitive person who wants to create your own online business, but feel overwhelmed and drained by the prospect? Do you struggle with a lack mindset and are unsure how to tap into your inner abundance? Do you know life can be WAY easier than you’ve made it but feel “stuck” in your current matrix? Do you feel like you are spending 90% of your life force on things that drain you and don’t add to your quality of life?

You’re not alone.

Because most empaths have survived by meeting other people’s needs, we’ve developed a pervasive habit of neglecting ourselves. This self-neglect may have worked for us for awhile (we feel better when others feel better, right?) but it’s no longer sustaining us. You’re probably here because you know it’s “do or die” time. You know the way you’ve been doing things will not be enough to sustain your life force. You MUST get back in touch with your heart. You won’t survive without it.

In order for an empath to get free, it is crucial that we learn how to value what we are and invest our gifts where we also receive in return.

This 6-week online training for empaths is designed to completely reprogram your mindset from lack to abundance, and give you the tools to tap into your genius niche so you can shift out of lack for good. It’s not just about business, it’s about addressing the core issue of self-neglect that many empaths struggle to shift. It’s simply because we’ve created a habit, and that habit is how we survived.

As an empath, your skills are being asked for by the collective. You have no idea how valuable and needed your gifts are because you’ve been drained by friends and family for years and haven’t known how to value yourself. You haven’t known there are people who are looking specifically for what you offer and value that gift enough to pay you for it.

Helping empaths tap into abundance is my passion. I like playing the highest leverage point, and when an empath makes the shift, the collective shifts. That’s why investing in you is a no-brainer.

My intention is that you’ll come out of this 6-week training with new clarity on your purpose and value, a stronger ability to meet your needs, a solid game plan for your next steps, and greater trust within your trinity (body/mind/heart). Once you master the resonance of abundance, everything else comes effortlessly.

Humans are the most advanced technology out there, and those of us who know how to work with the complexities of what it means to be human, are the most equipped to help humanity restore its heart so we can take back control of our creation and move from a species that survives to one that thrives. But to do this we need our hearts restored. You need your heart back.  It’s time for you to invest in yourself.

Let’s create heaven on earth.

You are needed.

By the end of this 6-week course, you will have

  • Created a lifestyle/business approach that supports and strengthens your abilities (rather than drains you)
  • Identified your niche/genius
  • Identified your ideal client
  • Reprogrammed your core beliefs of lack to abundance
  • Healed past wounds (we focus heavily on meeting the needs that never got met)
  • Connected to your ideal network of co-creators
  • And learned how to program and tune the resonance of your electromagnetic field to abundance

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Week 1: Connect to the Abundance Matrix (win/win/win)

How to set your resonance to abundance and connect your electromagnetic field to the reality you prefer to experience (rather than the one you’re afraid of). We commit to a lifestyle that supports your sensitivities, rather than drain you and look at where you are primarily being drained (so we heal the leak).

Week 2: Clarify and Define Your Unique Niche

You have been mastering something your entire life. As an empath, you’ve observed, studied, felt and processed the human condition from a very unique perspective: your programming. How you’ve overcome your limitations and lack mindset is exactly the tools you’re meant to leave behind for others. This week we help you discover what that is.

(You’ll create a mini master class highlighting your niche).

Week 3: Identify Your Ideal Client 

Your ideal client — the person waiting to be set free from their limitations — is YOU (your past self). You know him/her intimately, and this week we help you create that connection so your deepest needs can be met.

Week 4: Connect to Your Idea Network of Co-Creators

There is a matrix of life coaches, artist, entrepreneurs and industry people who live in the mindset of abundance and fuel that grid. As you make a conscious and deliberate connection to the world of abundance, you not only get stronger, you make the abundance matrix strong too. Your connection with other conscious creators is an essential ingredient to your abundance algorithm and “bought” by one of the most valuable: trust.

The lack matrix is about competition. Part of overcoming the lack matrix is to overcome our fear of other powerful creators so we can learn to co-create a reality where we all thrive. We must overcome our need to be “the best.” In the Abundance Matrix, everyone is powerful, and everyone is also flawed. We’re honest about our vulnerabilities so we can put each other’s greatest strengths to use where they are most needed.

To establish trust with your network of co-creators you must learn to trust your humanity and this also means learning to trust others. By far, one of the biggest blocks to abundance is our mistrust of ourselves and others.

This week, we conquer that.

Week 5: Reality Check

All this talk of business and creating new worlds can make us forget that we are human. We are designed to be in the NOW and experience it from the perspective of our perceived limitations. Week 5 we cover all the normal bumps and falls along on the journey to abundance, and make sure you are present and compassionate to your humanity. Ultimately, restoring yourself to the abundant nature of what we are is restoring the heart of your humanity. Self-love is the ultimate objective, after all. Let’s make sure we are not neglecting any aspect of our healing journey.

Week 6: Finalize Your Individual Algorithm with the Abundance Matrix

This week we create our unique abundance algorithm for interacting online and with the abundance matrix. We make a commitment to use the web ONLY for the win/win/win, for the purpose of uplifting, offering helpful tools, and sharing/utilizing useful information.

We strategically evaluate what would most benefit our online interaction (we vote with our clicks) and make sure that our clicks and engagements are in alignment with the win/win/win.

We finalize our resonance (lifestyle/business plan) by making sure all aspects of our Time is INVESTED in abundance (we no longer spend time or money — we are now investors in ABUNDANCE).

This training sets your body/mind/heart to work in the same direction, for the same purpose, so your life force/energy is no longer spent in lack (divided focus), but invested strategically in your future (and the future of humanity).

Especially potent for empaths and highly sensitive people.


This is a prerecorded, online class designed to go at your own pace. 

Class will be available for download on Feb 20th and includes ONE YEAR ACCESS to the VIP GOLD GROUP on Facebook ($111 value), where you can connect with me LIVE each week for training, encouragement, and assistance with shifting your resonance/mindset to Abundance. 

Everyone who pre-registers will receive the course for only $1111 (that’s $1111 savings!)

Price after Feb. 20th, 2018: $2222

Total savings: $1111 

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