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Once we heal/rewrite the core program, EVERYTHING changes.

We broke up with lack. We’re building the network of abundance.

You’re an earlier adopter.


Now what?

Once we make the decision to break up with the lack matrix, the way we navigate our reality MUST change.

The lack matrix is ruled by the Mind and is based on the fundamental idea that there is not enough and that we are not enough. Merit is based on worthiness.

Every decision we make in lack is out of fear or survival. We’re not led by the heart.

The Abundance Matrix is based on the core program of Infinity. The Universe is infinite. There is always enough. You are always enough. Love is not earned, it’s freely given. 

This course teaches us how to activate our individual algorithm for abundance in the matrix, fine-tune our navigation to abundance, and THRIVE.

We don’t have to sacrifice our heart for money or a false sense of security. We don’t have to be mastered and controlled by the system (because we created it).

We just have to learn HOW OUR TECHNOLOGY WORKS and make it work FOR US.

  1. Receive the restoration of our heart/creation technology
  2. Invest our “talent” in the Abundance Matrix
  3. Activate the program of Abundance within our electromagnetic field (new way of navigating this reality)
  4. Program the Matrix with Astronomical Abundance (everyone’s most vulnerable needs, met)

(because, WHY NOT?!)

It may feel weird merging the “heart world” with the “business world” (the mind) but this is a MUST if we want to overcome the program. First, we have to integrate it.

Week 1: Connect to the Abundance Matrix (win/win/win)

Restore the fellowship of your trinity (body/mind/heart). Week one dissolves the concept of sacrifice. All of you matters and all decisions about your life must include your whole self. Believing we must sacrifice some aspect of ourselves to survive is how we get trapped in the lack matrix).

Week one we break fear and realign with our trinity.

Week 2: Discover Your “Pearl of Great Price” (Your Genius Niche in the Abundance Matrix)

Week two helps us tap into the niche of our heart technology and use it to activate our algorithm of abundance in the electromagnetic field. This helps clarify our signal and our gift, so it’s more visible/accessible in the matrix (this is how we invest the “pearl of wisdom” we gained from our experience this far in life).

When we invest our “wisdom” (Story) in a Matrix, we give a piece of ourselves to that Matrix, so discernment is necessary. Story (programs) is how a matrix survives. But the only stories that have any true value are the ones that come from the heart. Our pearls of wisdom.

We tap our “niche” when we discover the pearl of wisdom gained through our experience. Our pearl, our story, is the highest leverage point we can play. When we invest our pearl (wisdom gained through the story), we invest the highest value we have in the matrix.

Week 3: Heal the Past (Connect to Your “Ideal Client”)

“Business” in the abundance matrix is founded on the principle of restoration and healing. Our job is to free as many people from the lack matrix as possible, and we do this by giving them the tools we used to get out.

In the Abundance Matrix, your ideal client is your past self. This week we connect and form a bridge.

Week 4: Connect to Your Ideal Network of Co-Creators

The primary principle of the Abundance Matrix is the win/win/win. Win for your body/mind/heart, and win for yourself/others/and the planet. Week four we connect to the “others” and “planet” part of the equation and set up our unique network to strengthen and uplift our fellow co-creators in ABUNDANCE. The more of us tuned to the frequency of abundance, the more we program the matrix to reflect it.

(hint: Dreamtime networking)

Week 5: Reality Check (You are dying to one reality)

Week 5 gives us tools to help us not slip back into lack/fear. Before the program of Abundance is automatic, it must be programmed through habitual thoughts/actions and experiences. Week 5 we practice making these programs automatic so abundance flows easily to us.

Week 6: Finalize Your Individual Algorithm with the Abundance Matrix

Your electromagnetic field was hijacked in the lack matrix and taken over by “programs” that were not for your benefit. This week we take back our authority over our electromagnetic field and create an “antivirus” to the virus of lack we contracted when our system was hijacked by the mind.

We learn to access our operating system (through the heart) and set up our untouchable algorithm to unending abundance (through the loophole of infinity).

This week you re-write your program (signal) in the matrix and take back your power for good.

This is a prerecorded, online class designed to go at your own pace. 

Total cost: $1111

Class includes ONE YEAR ACCESS to the VIP GOLD GROUP on Facebook ($111 value), where you can connect with me LIVE each week for training, encouragement, and assistance with shifting your resonance/mindset to Abundance. 

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 6 Week Abundance Training for Empath Entrepreneurs  $1111
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