Invest in Psychic Real Estate (and Other Abundance Matrix Stuff) Must be 18+

Hi loves!

I finally decided to record all the downloads I have received on the Abundance Matrix and the Multidimensional Internet (the “real” online “business”) and I am going to drop it in my private Facebook group for the Abundance Matrix.

For the past few months this group was closed to any new members, but access is open again for the next week to anyone who wants to receive this new content (this will be the only place I’m dropping it).

Here’s what the new audio content will entail (not necessarily in this order):

Audio 1: Invest in Psychic Real Estate: This audio is all about taking up astral space to expand the resonance of heaven in our electromagnetic field. It’s a powerful form of magnetic resonance that significantly speeds up manifestation of abundance in the physical reality and expands astral territory.

+ Practices you can do each day to invest in psychic real estate

Audio 2: Establish Your Personal Algorithm of Abundance: Your algorithm of abundance is like your own digital signature in the Universe that unlocks the code to your astral inheritance. This audio gives you tips and examples of how to use your habitual patterns of lack to activate this algorithm.

+ Processes to shift your algorithm in a tangible way

Audio 3: Understand and Leverage Your Strongholds: Strongholds have the largest amount of untapped energy in your field. When you understand the operational mechanism underneath your strongholds (which need is attempting to get met and why) you can leverage those strongholds to shift the polarity in your field and massively trigger abundance and healing.

Audio 4: Tantric Entrepreneurs: How our sexuality, preferences, and pleasure play into our creations. How blocks/trauma/insecurities around sexuality translates into our business and relationships. Why becoming tantric in our approach helps heal our entire electromagnetic resonance (and therefore our signal in the astrals) which powerfully speeds up manifestation of what we *really* want (and attunes us to the resonance of heaven on earth).

+Practices to leverage your strongholds in a powerful way

Audio 4: Learn Astral Alchemy: Every energy (even “negative” or lower vibrational energies) have a purpose and a place. Learning astral alchemy will give you tools on how to work with these energies to make powerful healing elixirs (rather than go to war with them). Remember: a little bit of the poison is always in the antidote.

++All the Audios for the Influencers and The Multidimensional Internet mentoring group 

+Practices that shift your body’s connection to self/others/planet in a tangible way

AND LIVE Workshops in the Facebook group.

Next LIVE workshop: Tantric Entrepreneurs (How Empaths can Use the Principles of Tantra to Empower their Business and Relationships) — Saturday, May 9th @ 11:11 am MST.

This will include a second audio with Rachel Jensen (and me!) diving deeper into the personal aspects of what it means to be a tantric entrepreneur.

I will merely be scratching the surface on these topics, but it’s bound to give you endless food for thought and practices to amplify your manifestation skills. All of these concepts will eventually be their own class, so consider this one of the only times you’ll have access to this much information all together.

I will be releasing these audios one-by-one in the Abundance Matrix Private Facebook group for the next 3 months. Because this group has been active for the past 3 years, you’ll also have access to all of my previous LIVEs as well.

Can’t wait to dive deep with you!

Much love!


Abundance Matrix Private Facebook Group $111 (for unlimited access). You MUST BE at least 18 years old to join!

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**You will receive an access email within 24 hours of registering. Make sure to add me as a contact ( so you don’t miss anything. If you don’t see the access email in your inbox within 24 hours, check your spam folder. Email me if you have any questions. Can’t wait to connect!




Empaths: Free Yourself from Lack Matrix

***This is a beta test/unedited version of the spell**

How to Unbind a Djinn (Technology for the Modern Empath)

Spell 1: Embrace Your Urge

Spell 2: Dissolve Your Shadow Contracts

Spell 3: Enact Your Sovereignty

Spell 4: Chase Anomaly 

Spell 5 Trigger Your Fault lines Intentionally

Spell 6: Witness Your Story

Spell 7: Communion with Life

Trigger Warning: Do not buy this class if you are uncomfortable hearing about sex, sexuality, and adult conversation.

**If you’ve bought the any previous version of this class you get the final version for free. Don’t buy it again!**

Djinn Magick Beta Test $222


Private Mentoring Package (October)

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Hi loves!

I’m doing something new and experimental with my October Mentoring (I wonder if it’s ever been done before?):

These spots are for empath entrepreneurs, life coaches, and those in the healing/art practices.

Rather than focus on an “online business strategy” approach, we focus on a “multidimensional online business approach.” How can we use our intuitive/empathic/psychic gifts to:

*Psychically call in our ideal clients/audience

*Mentally + emotionally connect to our ideal network (astral networking)

*Invest in the abundance matrix (win/win/win)

*Create heaven on earth

We haven’t even scratched the surface of what we are capable of.

*Using our gifts to DIRECTLY program into the matrix our ideal reality (jumping straight into the reality where it’s done).

This will be a GROUP MENTORING experience (as well as individual sessions with me).

This mentoring group will give us the opportunity to stretch our magic and tap into a new way of doing “business.” Beyond conscious business practices, this is multidimensional practice (jumping timelines).

I’m going ALL IN + offering:

*Five 1:1 personal sessions with me (40 min each) – $750 value

*The 6 Week Abundance Training (most recent beta test + final version when it’s released) $888 value

*3 Group Mentoring Sessions (a Zoom call with all 5 people mentoring) – $450 value

*Djinn Magick Online Audio Course – $111 value

Total Value: $2199

October Mentoring Package Experimental Special: $888


Can’t wait to see who answers the call!

Much love!


How to Connect to the Win/Win/Win

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Hi loves!

You’ve heard me talk about the win/win/win (and the importance of investing our creative energy in it) but what is it, exactly? And how do we know if we’re investing in it?

To answer your question I wanted to share an excerpt from the 6 Week Abundance Training course. We just got started today (and yes, today is the last day to sign-up and this is the *ONLY* excerpt I’ll be sharing).

The bottom line is, if we don’t invest in the win/win/win, it’s NOT A WIN. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Much love!