The Spell of Astronomical Abundance (Summer Edition)

Abundance Marix LogoIt’s finally here!

The Summer Edition of THE SPELL OF ASTRONOMICAL ABUNDANCE  (July 5th –  August 31st) is an opportunity for Empath Entrepreneurs to join me in casting a spell of astronomical abundance over our lives and the planet.

This spell includes 3 powerful classes + 3 LIVE workshops where we cover how to run an intuitive business using the ASTRAL NETWORK (the multidimensional web).

Here’s the Breakdown: (Note: you all know I’m a big fan of story and metaphor. The  magical terms below are used as a fun way to describe emotional alchemy work).

*11 DAY EMOTIONAL DETOX:  We start by getting our chakras/energy field in alignment with abundance through the  (11 Day Emotional Detox — upgraded version –($111 value)

*DJINN MAGICK: Dive deep into your desires and release the creative spark (djinn) enslaved within you. This class will give you the tools to release all shadow contracts with the Lack Matrix (subliminal messages and unconscious agreements) based in fear and unworthiness beliefs. (DJINN MAGICK – $111 value)

*TANTRIC CREATIONS (July 20th @ 11:11 am MST):  In this LIVE workshop we explore how to use creative energy to make love to our life, our jobs, our body, the planet, etc (rather than be at war). We will also explore the concept of “Trinity Tech” (the fellowship of our body/mind/heart — self/others/planet) and how it relates to creating a “tantric” astral business (in other words, a business whose primary intent is to make love to the earth — for humans to thrive).

This workshop will step up our game as creators. Held in a private Facebook group on July 20th @ 11:11 am, Replay available for those who can’t make it live. ($55 value)

*ASTRAL MONEY LIVE WORKSHOP (July 27th @ 11:11 am MST): Explore the concept of “ideas” and imagination as “money” and how to intentionally activate this currency in the astrals. Learn how astral “buying/investing” works. Understand how to interact and create with principalities and energy in the pre-manifested realms. This workshop is a game changer that will give you access to a whole different way of understanding abundance and currency as a form of magic. Astral Money LIVE WORKSHOP ($55 value)

*6 WEEK ABUNDANCE TRAINING This 6 week class is designed specifically for empath entrepreneurs who want to astrally prep and create their business blueprint from the inside out. We place a heavy emphasis on using our intuitive/empathic gifts to create our ideal “business” and magnetize our perfect client/audience. This class is a must for anyone ready to step into their creative gifts and invest in the abundance matrix. (6 Week Abundance Training $555 value)

*ASTRAL NETWORKING LIVE WORKSHOP (August 31st @ 11:11 am MST): Did you know there is an entire network of abundance on this planet that is fueled and powered through conscious creators? It’s  laws and functions work entirely opposite of the lack matrix. Once we’ve cleared our creative contracts with lack, we can tap into this abundance matrix, consciously. This network is FOR our growth, expansion, and creative empowerment.

Learn to use this network to tap into your multidimensional tribe and create your unique algorithm of abundance on the “astral web.”  This is the frequency of heaven on earth and it’s an actual network you can tap into and live within. We will also explore how to use Dreamtime and meditation to tap this network.

The Spell of Astronomical Abundance total value $942

THE SPELL Total Package Special: $555 (save $387!)

*All content/material is in video and audio format on a password protected page. Access to each individual class will be sent to your inbox. Review the content at your own pace.

You will also be invited into a private Facebook group to connect with and share your experience of THE SPELL with all 22 empath entrepreneurs going on this journey.

*All 3 workshop will be held LIVE on Facebook (in a separate group). Replays will be available indefinitely for anyone who can’t make it to the LIVE sessions.

If you don’t want to join THE SPELL, you can purchase the classes or workshops individually (but you will not be part of THE SPELL Facebook group or private sessions).

(Please note: The workshops will be held in a separate Facebook group from THE SPELL).

Registration will close on

JULY 4th

(or when all 22 spots are filled — whichever comes first).

Reserve your spot for



Much love (and see you in “THE SPELL”)!


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Buy all 3 workshops (and skip the spell). ($165 value) — $155 (save $10)

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5 Power Plays for Empath Entrepreneurs (Video link inside!)

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Hi loves!

I know many of you empath entrepreneurs have waited for more content and registration to my next Spell of Astronomical Abundance Group. Both are here!

Check out my latest video: 5 Power Plays for Empath Entrepreneurs from my Q&A for Empath Entrepreneurs Facebook group (and join if you want — it’s free!).

If you’re interested in the next round of The Spell of Astronomical Abundance (Summer Magic Edition) fill out the form below and you will receive an email with details and registration access. The email will be sent out Sunday, June 16th.

The invitation is for 22 people.

Can’t wait to see who appears.



Djinn Magick: Dissolve Shadow Contracts and Set Your Djinn Free

Abundance Marix LogoHI LOVES!

Welcome to the art of DJINN MAGICK!

I created this class primarily for myself, but I thought I’d invite others along for the journey who may benefit from learning these powerful tools to overcome lack.

I wanted to explore the archetype of the Genie (djinn) to help me understand the “Shadow Contracts” (beliefs) we’ve formed that keep us enslaved to lack programs.

I’ve been obsessed with knowing everything I can about how the matrix functions (and the role of our beliefs within it).

Djinn Magick goes behind the scenes to look at the powers and principalities that hold our enslavement in place and the agreements we continue to make (via our thoughts/words/actions) that continue to reinforce those contracts.

There are so many tools to meet needs in our reality and even manifest things very quickly, but I’m interested in THE ONE THING that I can do to shift my programming from a primary belief in lack (there’s not enough, we’re not enough), to a core belief in abundance (there’s enough, we’re enough). Once the primary operating system shifts, everything changes.

What we authentically believe at a core level is what determines our reality, (and sadly, some of the loudest voices in the human collective authentically believes in lack more than abundance).

So we run our lives on fear. We make decisions out of fear. We use fear to manipulate others. Fear is in fact, the core energy of lack.

It only makes sense that if we want to shift our primary reality from lack (‘there’s not enough,’ ‘I’m not enough’), to abundance (‘there’s enough,’ ‘ I’m enough’), we need to practice the vibration opposite of fear.


Love is the true power. It’s the gift. It’s the value. And it’s the one thing wanted and needed above all else.

Shifting to a core belief in abundance does not mean we deny the fact that lack exists; it simply means we realize that abundance also exists. Lack is not the ONLY reality.

And that changes everything.

I personally believe the only way to be restored to our creative power is to have our hearts restored.

In this class, the genie is our authentic heart’s desires and the “lamp” is our body (the place we host our desires/beliefs within).

It’s been said the body carries the memory of our trauma, and our ancestors’ trauma. Our DNA itself carries the this record. This material explores the tools and awareness we need to dissolve any and all Shadow Contracts in our  life, connect directly to the life force within for power, and release stagnate energy stuck in the energy field that may be draining our life force.

This class is designed to dig deep to understand, unwind, and dissolve agreements we’ve made with lack so we can change the program from within and set our hearts free once and for all.

Here’s what we cover:

*Shadow contracts: what they are, how they function, and how we can release ourselves from them.

*The role of emotions: how to develop emotional intelligence so we can strengthen our discernment and avoid entering into contracts with the Lack Matrix.

*The role AUTHENTIC DESIRE plays in creation and how to line them up with our actions to consciously create our reality.

*The power of our WORD: Why we need to speak authentically about our emotions and own what we want and how we feel.

*Triggers: How they work, their purpose, and how to use their powerful energy to catapult into your next reality.

*Sexual Energy: The central role our sexual nature plays in everything we attract and create in our lives. We’ll also cover how to use sexual energy for manifestation.

*Intention: It’s power, purpose, and place in manifestation.

These are the primary power tools I believe we need to unhypnotize the ourselves (and therefore, the collective) from lack.

This will be especially helpful for empaths, intuitives, and creative people.

THIS IS A PRE-RECORDED CLASS and is NOT taught LIVE.  You will receive an email with access to the class within 24 hours of purchase (make sure to add me as a contact so it doesn’t end up in your spam folder).

Each topic is taught in an online audio module which you can access in your own time and at your own pace. You will have indefinite access to the class and all the upgrades and additions I make to it (this is an ever-evolving class).

The price will eventually be raised so whatever price you lock it in at is all you pay for all future upgrades and expanded material for the class.

I also have a private Facebook group for anyway taking this class. It’s an opportunity for us to share our experience and journey with the material. I will pop in from time-to-time for impromptu LIVES and conversations.  *This group is totally optional.*

Ladies and gents, we are entering into the TIME OF THE FREE DJINNS and the release and restoration of the human heart!

How exciting that you’re apart of this adventure. Let’s make it EPIC!

Djinn Magick Pre-Recorded class $222 


Wanna learn more about Shadow Contracts? Check out this video.

Don’t Go to War with Your Power (6 Week Abundance Training Excerpt)

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Hi loves!

Today is the LAST DAY to register for the 6 Week Abundance Training Spell. To give you an idea of the feel and energy we’re diving into, I thought I’d share the intro email for the class.

Remember: abundance is already yours. You just need to step into its vibration.

Here’s the low down:

1. You’re going to need a notebook, pen, candle and crystal JUST FOR THIS CLASS.

2. Put all of these items together in a way that feels symbolic/meaningful to you and “bless” them for the intention of up-leveling the abundance in your life.

3. Set an intention for what you want to manifest by the end of this 6 weeks together. You don’t have to be specific. In fact, sometimes it’s more powerful if you think about how you want to FEEL (and focus on abundance from a feeling/confidence/power perspective) rather than having a specific thing. But do what feels best for you.

At the end of the day, this is YOUR class and your time investment. Think about what you want to get out of it (and remember, you get back what you put it).

These next six weeks we will be training with the resonance of abundance. Ultimately this means learning to shift our focus and our mindset off of what we don’t like and onto what we LOVE.

It sounds simple, but where we have powerful beliefs in lack is also where we have trauma and pain.

Beliefs in lack were formed through experience. To change those beliefs means challenging the principalities and strongholds you’ve developed around your trauma (in other words, you’re going up against your own survival mechanisms).

This kind of work can be dangerous because we can unintentionally set off triggers that cause us to spin into deep pools of trauma (much of which has not been processed or understood).

While I don’t expect this will happen to you, it’s important to give a word of caution: BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF. Don’t push too hard. This is not a race to be won or an opportunity to “prove” your worth. You’re already worthy. You’re already enough. It’s already done. This class is simply giving you the tools to TUNE IN to your power.

The power is already yours.

When we approach this type of work with a “war” vibration (which can also be a “work hard” vibration) we don’t realize that we punish ourselves (on an energetic level).

To truly free ourselves from lack, we must RESPECT our creative abilities (the power we have to BELIEVE something and then create that reality through our experience).

Our “creative” power is what we’re tapping into, so it makes no sense to insult your power by declaring war on it. The same power that sets you free is also the power that enslaved you.

Make sense?

Rather than going to war with our programming, think of this experience as an opportunity to make love to your humanity, and to integrate and understand your power to BELIEVE so you can make sure the core beliefs support (rather than destroy) you.

I’ll be LIVE Wednesday (April 3rd) at 11:11 am MST to dive into the first segment of this “spell.”

(Click here to register).