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Hi loves!

I’m hosting a FREE Facebook LIVE on Sunday March 10th @ 4:44 pm MST.

This is a Q&A for anyone interested in being a coach/mentor, or who simply wants to learn how to use their empathic abilities to manifest their ideal life/career.

Fill out the form below to join! If you can’t make it LIVE, you’ll still have access to the archive (you must have a Facebook account to join).

I’ll also be talking about how to use the Astral Network to connect to your ideal network of co-creators. It’s going to be so much fun (and magical and weird!).


You will receive a link to the private Facebook group on Saturday morning.

Can’t wait to see you there!

I’m excited to connect!

Much love!


PS. If you haven’t seen my latest Youtube Video “7 Hacks I’ve Learned as a Coach (for Empaths)” you can check it out here.

Feeling Like Shit? Love Yourself More (Mercury Retrograde Advice)

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Below is an excerpt from my “How to Make Love to Your Life” class. I wanted to share it with my blog readers because a lot of us are going through powerful cycles of change and transition and the most powerful thing we can do is to allow LOVE and UNDERSTANDING to be what guides us (rather than judgement and fear).

I hope this little excerpt blesses you!



Are you feeling Mercury Retrograde yet?

I felt this energy a couple days early, and I’ve been in a weird cloud like I’m suspended OUTSIDE of time.

Last week I felt alive, confident, AWAKE. This week I’ve felt like “What am I doing here, again? What’s my mission? Why am I teaching this class?”

Mercury Retrograde is one of a trillion different reasons I could use to explain “why” I feel this way, but what matters most to me is the reminder that we don’t always feel happy, and we don’t always know what to do (even when we’ve learned so much — even when we have tools to help along the way). ūüõ†

This helps me remember that I’m not MORE worthy of love when I feel good or when I’m performing well. In fact, it’s in the times when I don’t feel great that I need to apply love and understanding the most.

In the past when I would cycle through these lower energies, I wasted my energy judging and analyzing myself to death to figure out what was “wrong.”

Now I’ve learned the most productive way to use my energy when we feel low is to accept it. Allow it. Learn from it. And most importantly, to give myself even MORE love and understanding (not less).

We are cyclical beings and we’re always moving through cycles of energy. These cycles (like our spiraled DNA) spin us through collective programming and waves of creation that everyone feels (albeit, in our own timing)

When you’re empathic/highly sensitive, you feel these energies IN YOUR CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. It can affect absolutely everything about how you function.

Part of thriving as an empath is learning to accept these cycles and not falling victim to the belief that “something is wrong” when we don’t feel amazing.

The more present we are to how we feel and the more love and understanding we give to ourselves, the faster the cycles pass (and the DNA gets upgraded in the process).

Remember, we are not LINEAR. Time is not linear. We can experience cycles that repeat patters from thousands of years ago. It’s in our blood.

This is why, in order to THRIVE, we must get out of the performance based model of living. We are not here to earn or prove our worth.

Yes, growth and expansion is important to health, but the energy of “striving” is a resistant energy that causes a subtle war with our natural rhythms.

Any time we feel we are “fighting” against the natural flow of our energy, we are going against our health.

Acceptance of where we’re at is KEY. When we judge how we feel we restrict our energy field and stagnate our growth.

So often we get caught up in the “right and wrong” game. We’re obsessed with being “right” and therefore “good” (and therefore “worthy” of a good life) and the problem with this type of thinking is it sets us up for failure.

We fail because if we are “wrong” or “bad” or “not good enough” we unconsciously withhold love (life force) and therefore restrict our our growth (and health!).

If you only get ONE THING out of this “How to Make Love to Your Life” class, I hope it’s the power to quit overthinking, over analyzing, and judging yourself (and¬† your life).

Instead, BLESS the experience. Accept the experience. Feel the experience. Allow the experience. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR HEART.

The heart is the safest place to be in this transition. If we root ourselves in the mind, we might go insane.

The key to being the heart is to BLESS everything in our lives. This is an important energy because the energy of the lack matrix is about judgement (and all judgement is rooted in fear).

We withhold our love and understanding from anything we don’t deem “worthy” of being loved. We do this because we fear that if we love something that is “wrong” then we will be “wrong” (and therefore we won’t be worthy of love).

You see how the lack matrix works? It convinces us to withhold the very medicine the entire planet needs, because we are afraid there is not enough of it to give and therefore we create a deficiency by default.

I might sound like a broken record at this point but I don’t even care. The thinking patterns of the lack matrix are so prevalent that we must call out it’s BS over and over again. We must see how NONSENSICAL this way of thinking is so we can actually change it.

Take some time to examine your day-to-day life and ask yourself: “What area of my life am I experiencing the most resistance?”

What triggers you? Where do you experience the most anger and frustration with your reality? Get as specific as you can (example: my marriage, my job, my diet, my body, my relationships, politics, etc).

Then, make the commitment to BLESS this area of you life on a regular basis. Begin your day by tuning into how it would feel to be at peace with this area of your life.

Remember, where we are most in resistance is also where we are spending a tremendous amount of life force energy.

Resistance is EXPENSIVE!

As we begin to bless the areas our energy is caught in, we free up a lot of power and can use that energy in ways that actually give back to us (rather than drain us). Releasing resistance is powerful medicine.

Commit to at least 22 days of blessing (rather than trying to control) these areas of resistance and see what happens.

I’d love to hear your thoughts/feed back.

Much love and blessings to you during this Mercury Retrograde!


PS. My next class “6 Week Abundance Training for Empath Entrepreneurs” will begin April 1st. Registration will be released tomorrow. Fill out the form below if you’d like to receive info about this private training.


SPARK Workshop (Archive Available)

Hi loves!

As promised the archived SPARK workshop is now available to register. Just in time for manifestation march, this intensive 5 day training will be available to view on March 1st.

My gift to you: Anyone who registers BEFORE March 1st will receive a year of free access to my private Facebook¬†ABUNDANCE MATRIX MASTER MIND GROUP (where I’m LIVE every week with Abundance training). You MUST have Facebook in order to join this group.

Just two days to take advantage of this offer.

It’s the season of LOVE and as we move into MARCH, we move into the magic of manifestation. The SPARK workshop will give you the tools and perspective to ignite your passion and free up the emotional energy you need to magnetize your desires.



Total price: $111 (Save $88!)


**You will receive an email within 24 hours of registering with access to the ABUNDANCE MATRIX MASTER MIND Group (on Facebook). The archived SPARk Workshop will be sent out on March 1st.

Find Your Spark to Create Abundance (LIVE Workshop)

To attract abundance, we need energy.

Energy IS abundance.

If we constantly feel like we have NO FUEL for the things we want to do, our energy is probably drained in past lessons we haven’t fully received, past wounds that have not been healed, or past mistakes that have not been forgiven.

Simply put, in order to have our SPARK, we need need to put the past to rest so we can focus all of our energy on what we are creating NOW.

In the video below I explain (in detail) how it works.

And if you want to go deeper, I’m doing a 5 day LIVE workshop (via a private Facebook group) that will not only ignite your spark, but direct your energy to light up the grid of astronomical abundance in your life.

(Make sure you watch the video before you register to make sure it’s right for you).

SPARK Workshop

Date: Feb. 14th – 18th

Where: Private Facebook Group (you will receive access on the 13th by Midnight MST)

Price: $111

Details: I will be LIVE the 14th, 16th, and the 18th at 11:11 am MST.

Thursday Feb 14th 11:11 am MST: We activate the power of the PRESENT MOMENT to SPARK our creative power.

Friday Feb 15th: Integration Day: This is your day to do the “action step” from the material we covered on Thursday. A powerful way to align with your purpose.

Saturday Feb 16th: We activate our connection to our FUTURE through consciously fueling the connection to the network of Abundance Network and the new future we line up to as we overcome our lack programs. Access your own personal algorithm of Abundance.

Sunday Feb 17th:¬†Integration day: This is your day to do the “action step” from the material we covered on Saturday (this includes exercises to connect to the Astral Network)

Monday Feb 18th: Release and Integrate the Past: Today I share how you can own your story, forgive and release your past, and call back the aspects of your power that have been trapped in past programming (this will line you up perfectly with the Full Moon energy on the 19th. Use that energy to release what no longer serves you)

This workshop is intended to release any stuck/stagnate energy in your energy field that has blocked abundance, healing, or your SPARK for life.

If you can’t attend the workshop LIVE, the videos will be available to watch at your convenience (and you can post your questions in the Facebook group for me to address in the LIVEs).

The days in-between the LIVEs will give you an opportunity to do the homework (don’t worry, it’s all fun manifestation) as well as connect with others in the group, share your process, thoughts, questions, etc.

At the end of every LIVE I’ll take your questions (real time) and help you work through the blocks in your own process.

As we do this work, we light up the grid of abundance and make our signal clear for the Universe to bring to us exactly what we need for the next step in our journey. I can’t wait to see what we will create!

(And guess what? You’ll have access to the videos indefinitely).

If you are called to this workshop, all you have to do is ACT on the call.

Can’t wait to connect!


SPARK (How to Heal the Past, Create Your Ideal Future, and Attract Massive Abundance in the NOW) $111 . THE LIVE WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT. The archived version will be available when the on 2/27..

11 Day Emotional Detox


This cleanse is designed to help us shift old, stagnate emotional energy out of our chakras and consciously welcome in NEW vibrant emotional energy that will help fuel our dreams and abundance into reality.

Emotions are the fuel for creation and when we carry stagnate/stuck emotional energy in our chakras, we block the flow of creation.

In this NEW emotional cleanse, we explore the energy of each of our 7 main Chakras (and two new, unexplored chakras), learning how to identify and address blocks and release old emotional energy that may be blocking our health and manifestations.

11 Day Emotional Detox $111

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Happy detox!


Cleanse details:

This cleanse is designed to go at your own pace. All content will be sent to your inbox. This is a DIY online class. All you need is email and internet access.