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Hi loves!

I know many of you empath entrepreneurs have waited for more content and registration to my next Spell of Astronomical Abundance Group. Both are here!

Check out my latest video: 5 Power Plays for Empath Entrepreneurs from my Q&A for Empath Entrepreneurs Facebook group (and join if you want — it’s free!).

If you’re interested in the next round of The Spell of Astronomical Abundance (Summer Magic Edition) fill out the form below and you will receive an email with details and registration access. The email will be sent out Sunday, June 16th.

The invitation is for 22 people.

Can’t wait to see who appears.




Djinn Magick: Dissolve Shadow Contracts and Set Your Djinn Free


Abundance Marix LogoHI LOVES!

Welcome to the art of DJINN MAGICK!

I created this class primarily for myself, but I thought I’d invite others along for the journey who may benefit from learning these powerful tools to overcome lack.

I wanted to explore the archetype of the Genie (djinn) to help me understand the “Shadow Contracts” (beliefs) we’ve formed that keep us enslaved to lack programs.

I’ve been obsessed with knowing everything I can about how the matrix functions (and the role of our beliefs within it).

Djinn Magick goes behind the scenes to look at the powers and principalities that hold our enslavement in place and the agreements we continue to make (via our thoughts/words/actions) that continue to reinforce those contracts.

There are so many tools to meet needs in our reality and even manifest things very quickly, but I’m interested in THE ONE THING that I can do to shift my programming from a primary belief in lack (there’s not enough, we’re not enough), to a core belief in abundance (there’s enough, we’re enough). Once the primary operating system shifts, everything changes.

What we authentically believe at a core level is what determines our reality, (and sadly, some of the loudest voices in the human collective authentically believes in lack more than abundance).

So we run our lives on fear. We make decisions out of fear. We use fear to manipulate others. Fear is in fact, the core energy of lack.

It only makes sense that if we want to shift our primary reality from lack (‘there’s not enough,’ ‘I’m not enough’), to abundance (‘there’s enough,’ ‘ I’m enough’), we need to practice the vibration opposite of fear.


Love is the true power. It’s the gift. It’s the value. And it’s the one thing wanted and needed above all else.

Shifting to a core belief in abundance does not mean we deny the fact that lack exists; it simply means we realize that abundance also exists. Lack is not the ONLY reality.

And that changes everything.

I personally believe the only way to be restored to our creative power is to have our hearts restored.

In this class, the genie is our authentic heart’s desires and the “lamp” is our body (the place we host our desires/beliefs within).

It’s been said the body carries the memory of our trauma, and our ancestors’ trauma. Our DNA itself carries the this record. This material explores the tools and awareness we need to dissolve any and all Shadow Contracts in our  life, connect directly to the life force within for power, and release stagnate energy stuck in the energy field that may be draining our life force.

This class is designed to dig deep to understand, unwind, and dissolve agreements we’ve made with lack so we can change the program from within and set our hearts free once and for all.

Here’s what we cover:

*Shadow contracts: what they are, how they function, and how we can release ourselves from them.

*The role of emotions: how to develop emotional intelligence so we can strengthen our discernment and avoid entering into contracts with the Lack Matrix.

*The role AUTHENTIC DESIRE plays in creation and how to line them up with our actions to consciously create our reality.

*The power of our WORD: Why we need to speak authentically about our emotions and own what we want and how we feel.

*Triggers: How they work, their purpose, and how to use their powerful energy to catapult into your next reality.

*Sexual Energy: The central role our sexual nature plays in everything we attract and create in our lives. We’ll also cover how to use sexual energy for manifestation.

*Intention: It’s power, purpose, and place in manifestation.

These are the primary power tools I believe we need to unhypnotize the ourselves (and therefore, the collective) from lack.

This will be especially helpful for empaths, intuitives, and creative people.

THIS IS A PRE-RECORDED CLASS and is NOT taught LIVE.  You will receive an email with access to the class within 24 hours of purchase (make sure to add me as a contact so it doesn’t end up in your spam folder).

Each topic is taught in an online audio module which you can access in your own time and at your own pace. You will have indefinite access to the class and all the upgrades and additions I make to it (this is an ever-evolving class).

The price will eventually be raised so whatever price you lock it in at is all you pay for all future upgrades and expanded material for the class.

I also have a private Facebook group for anyway taking this class. It’s an opportunity for us to share our experience and journey with the material. I will pop in from time-to-time for impromptu LIVES and conversations.  *This group is totally optional.*

Ladies and gents, we are entering into the TIME OF THE FREE DJINNS and the release and restoration of the human heart!

How exciting that you’re apart of this adventure. Let’s make it EPIC!

Djinn Magick Pre-Recorded class $111

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Wanna learn more about Shadow Contracts? Check out this video.

Don’t Go to War with Your Power (6 Week Abundance Training Excerpt)

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Hi loves!

Today is the LAST DAY to register for the 6 Week Abundance Training Spell. To give you an idea of the feel and energy we’re diving into, I thought I’d share the intro email for the class.

Remember: abundance is already yours. You just need to step into its vibration.

Here’s the low down:

1. You’re going to need a notebook, pen, candle and crystal JUST FOR THIS CLASS.

2. Put all of these items together in a way that feels symbolic/meaningful to you and “bless” them for the intention of up-leveling the abundance in your life.

3. Set an intention for what you want to manifest by the end of this 6 weeks together. You don’t have to be specific. In fact, sometimes it’s more powerful if you think about how you want to FEEL (and focus on abundance from a feeling/confidence/power perspective) rather than having a specific thing. But do what feels best for you.

At the end of the day, this is YOUR class and your time investment. Think about what you want to get out of it (and remember, you get back what you put it).

These next six weeks we will be training with the resonance of abundance. Ultimately this means learning to shift our focus and our mindset off of what we don’t like and onto what we LOVE.

It sounds simple, but where we have powerful beliefs in lack is also where we have trauma and pain.

Beliefs in lack were formed through experience. To change those beliefs means challenging the principalities and strongholds you’ve developed around your trauma (in other words, you’re going up against your own survival mechanisms).

This kind of work can be dangerous because we can unintentionally set off triggers that cause us to spin into deep pools of trauma (much of which has not been processed or understood).

While I don’t expect this will happen to you, it’s important to give a word of caution: BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF. Don’t push too hard. This is not a race to be won or an opportunity to “prove” your worth. You’re already worthy. You’re already enough. It’s already done. This class is simply giving you the tools to TUNE IN to your power.

The power is already yours.

When we approach this type of work with a “war” vibration (which can also be a “work hard” vibration) we don’t realize that we punish ourselves (on an energetic level).

To truly free ourselves from lack, we must RESPECT our creative abilities (the power we have to BELIEVE something and then create that reality through our experience).

Our “creative” power is what we’re tapping into, so it makes no sense to insult your power by declaring war on it. The same power that sets you free is also the power that enslaved you.

Make sense?

Rather than going to war with our programming, think of this experience as an opportunity to make love to your humanity, and to integrate and understand your power to BELIEVE so you can make sure the core beliefs support (rather than destroy) you.

I’ll be LIVE Wednesday (April 3rd) at 11:11 am MST to dive into the first segment of this “spell.”

(Click here to register).

Healers: March is Reprogramming Your Grid

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Hi loves!

As I’m sure you can feel, the energy of March of has us deep in our subconscious universe. Though it can be ungrounding and even dreamlike, this is the perfect energy to reprogram our reality and strengthen our co-created grid.

As the collective is rocked into a sleepy lull, this is prime weather to anchor in power symbols, words, and associations that strengthen our personal relationship with the matrix and give us the confidence to move forward in our intention of restoration/healing.

Because people are deep in their subconscious, they may be easily triggered, offended, or fearful of anything that feels strong (even the light!).

Don’t be surprised if your empathic senses lead you into self defeating thoughts. The primary program to overcome is “I am not enough.”

This belief was created through experiences of perceived “failure” and its being triggered to the surface.

Don’t take the triggers personally. They are not reflective of you or your worth, but rather of the program.

If we act on these beliefs, we self sabotage.

Remember, the core program of the lack matrix is “there is not enough.” Not enough love to go around. Not enough empathy. Not enough forgiveness. Not enough merit.

In the Lack Matrix, only those who are “worthy” can receive love. When love feels scarce, this belief can cause us to subconsciously withhold life force energy from ourselves or others (which only serves to fuel the reality of lack).

The only way to overcome this belief is to prove it wrong.

We must reach deep into our hearts and tap into the endless wellspring of love that exists there. We prove to ourselves that there is enough love the moment we choose love over fear.

Love is always the answer (and it never runs out). Even if you’re triggered or you’ve triggered another, the appropriate response is love.

Seek understanding. This does not mean to condone behavior that is damaging to our life force, or even to reason with anyone at this time. It simply means getting to the root of WHY we sabotage (self and others) so we can heal the wound and end the program for good.

And the root of lack is always FEAR.

The highest leverage point we can play as healers is to focus our creative abilities on soothing the central nervous system of ourselves, others, and the planet. Soothing the fear.

“Fear not!” (as the angels always say) is the needed axiom.

We are not here to “battle darkness” but to simply turn on the light. We need to see there is nothing to truly fear apart from fear itself.

Remember, the antidote to fear is always love.

If you find yourself battling self-sabotaging thoughts, consider for a moment the amount of energy spent on the battle and to what end?

Do you feel there is not enough? That love is not a free gift? That we must “earn” our right to be loved? To be healed? To be forgiven? If so, this is where your focus and attention is needed. This belief needs to be corrected.

Beliefs create our reality, so any belief we have in lack is a cornerstone in its foundations. When we remove our beliefs from the lack matrix, we remove our creative vote for it as well.

The good news is, beliefs can be changed. It takes focus and diligent command of our creative tools (thoughts, words, and actions) but it can be done.

If our objective is truly the restoration and healing of the planet, then transforming any beliefs within us that are rooted in fear is leverage for heaven.

A battle with the self is an obstruction of life force and a restriction of energy. If we love ourselves we don’t battle the body, we work with it.

There is absolutely no beneficial result of going to war with the self — it simply gives us more “work” to do on the restoration side.

Therefore, during this month of powerful subconscious surges and upgrades, choose your battles WISELY.

I believe it’s time for us to be cunning as serpents –to be so familiar with the tactics of the lack matrix that we no longer fall prey to its schemes.

As soon as we believe love is limited we’ve been taken over.

Humans created this lack program in response to trauma and fueled its reality through fear. Lack is real and it can (and does) destroy life.

You see, we are powerful creators (and what we believe, we create).

Thankfully, lack is not the only thing we believe in. We also believe in forgiveness, mercy, compassion, understanding, and love. We’ve witnessed this magic throughout history. We know it because we’ve experienced it. We can’t deny its reality, too.

Therefore, abundance is just as real as lack. Maybe even MORE real.

Lack, after all, is equal to NO THING. Abundance is equivalent to ALL THINGS.

Which belief would your rather invest in?

If there is enough, that means there’s enough time to heal, there’s enough money to go around, there’s enough understanding for us to be understood, there’s enough intelligence to create solutions, there’s enough to do and be and have and receive.


This means choosing restoration over destruction, peace over war, understanding over judgement, love over fear.

The energy of March is like a hypnotic dream state — perfect for planting new beliefs in our subconscious reality.

Why not play the highest leverage point we have and choose (collectively, as programmers of the matrix) to plant seeds of abundance?

What do you have to loose?

Healers: let’s do some magic!


Here’s (just one) suggestion:

*Surround your body with light

*Call in the 4 elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth

*Imagine these elements swirling around your energy field, decomposing toxic energy, transmuting old beliefs, clearing the third eye, and purifying stagnate energy in the blood (DNA healing).

*Now imagine all of these elements (air, water, earth, fire) imbued with golden/white light. This light raises the frequency of these elements, and strengthens their energy and purpose. Water is purified, air is cleansed and clear, fire is transmuted, and earth is revived.

*Place a symbol of infinite love (something like a heart with an infinity sign inside or outside of it) in each of these elements, and send them back to the world around you.

*See the water you’ve worked with merge with the lakes, oceans, rivers, and streams of the earth. See the earth element going to the center of the planet and strengthening our mother from the inside out. See the air symbol spinning in the atmosphere around the planet, cleaning and cleansing the air, and see the fire merging with the volcanoes and salamanders of the this enchanted world, igniting the passion of LIFE.

As you release the elements back to the earth, feel how the heart of the planet is strengthened and uplifted. As the frequency on the earth rises, lower astral energies are dissolved and transmuted in the light.

And so it is in your own body.

Yes. March is the perfect time to reprogram the matrix.

Healers — this month looks good on you!


PS. To help provide assistance to all the healing, reprogramming, an integration we’re doing this month, I have a “March Madness” special for you!

For the remainder of March I am offering ALL of my pre-recorded classes ($33 + under) + 1 Year access to the my Abundance Matrix Mindset (Private) Facebook group  (that’s $176 savings!).

My prayer is that these classes (along with the weekly training in my Abundance Matrix group) helps you feel connected and wide awake in your empathic abilities during this powerfully hypnotic month!

This is the perfect month to LEVERAGE + INVEST YOUR GIFTS.

If you’ve purchased any of my $33 or above classes this month, this offer extends to you, too! (You just need to email and let me know you want it).

You can check out the details of my pre-recorded classes here (and yes, you get ALL of them).

*Access to all classes/groups will be sent to the email you register with WITHIN 24 HOURS of purchase. If you don’t see my email in your inbox, check your spam folder. You can add my email ( to your contacts in your email so this doesn’t happen.

Empath Survival Kit (for the March Madness) -$33.00
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Please let me know if you don’t receive the classes within 24 hours of purchase.


Happy Healing + Integration Month!

May the March Madness within you bloom into beauty!

Free Facebook LIVE Q&A for Empaths Entrepreneurs

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Hi loves!

I’m hosting a FREE Facebook LIVE on Sunday March 10th @ 4:44 pm MST.

This is a Q&A for anyone interested in being a coach/mentor, or who simply wants to learn how to use their empathic abilities to manifest their ideal life/career.

Fill out the form below to join! If you can’t make it LIVE, you’ll still have access to the archive (you must have a Facebook account to join).

I’ll also be talking about how to use the Astral Network to connect to your ideal network of co-creators. It’s going to be so much fun (and magical and weird!).


You will receive a link to the private Facebook group on Saturday morning.

Can’t wait to see you there!

I’m excited to connect!

Much love!


PS. If you haven’t seen my latest Youtube Video “7 Hacks I’ve Learned as a Coach (for Empaths)” you can check it out here.