11 Day Emotional Detox

Tomorrow is the first day of a new year and I’m celebrating by kicking off my NEW and IMPROVED


This cleanse is designed to help us shift old, stagnate emotional energy out of our chakras and consciously welcome in NEW vibrant emotional energy that will help fuel our dreams into reality.

Emotions are the fuel for creation and when we carry stagnate/stuck emotional energy in our chakras, we block the flow of creation.

Ring in the New Year with me by clearing out the old and welcoming in the NEW.

Get this epic 11 day cleanse for only $11.11

Hope to “see” you next year!


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Cleanse details:

This cleanse is designed to go at your own pace. All content will be sent to your inbox. This is a DIY online class. All you need is email and internet access.

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The Spell of Astronomical Abundance

Use this spell to tune your frequency to the Abundance Matrix:

Directions for The Spell of Astronomical Abundance (the reconciliation of your past, present, and future self to the NOW):

  1. Fire up your chariot (Claim authority over your electromagnetic field,– fill your energy field with light)
  2. Release/revoke all contracts with the Lack Matrix (subliminal messages and unconscious agreements)
  3. Upload the program of Abundance (declare out loud your intention to upgrade your primary navigation system from lack to abundance — the win/win/win)
  4. Restore the Trinity Tech (allow your body/mind/heart to be in fellowship, rather than war through the program of FORGIVENESS)
  5. Seal your electromagnetic field  in Prayer (intend for your energy field be used for the purpose of restoration/healing — this begins with your healing)
  6. Tune into the Network of Astronomical Abundance  (receive the frequency of heaven on earth)

These videos give a ton of detail about this spell:

Part 2:

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If you’re one of the 22 called to do the Spell of Astronomical Abundance with me in *real time,* here’s what’s up:.

From Jan. 1st 2019 – March 11th 2019 we will journey through

11 Day Emotional Detox to cleanse and heal the emotional body and directly confront programs we have activated that are not in alignment with the win/win/win. This week will reconnect you to the desires of your soul. Desire is our fuel, and many empaths have traded their desire for duty (because the lack matrix tells us we must be “worthy” to experience our desires).  This class is completely updated from the original and will give you the tools and practice to get your alignment back on track with your purpose. ($111 value)

Chakra Cleanse + 5 Laws of Gold (for empaths) to dive into the emotional energy of the heart and how it moves and interacts with the body. Each chakra is connected to specific organs of the body and directs the way energy moves in our physical vehicle. As an empath, your emotional energy is KEY to your ability to thrive. If you feel you’ve “failed” because of your emotional sensitivities, THINK AGAIN. Once you know how to properly listen to, direct, and INVEST your emotions in the win/win/win, you’ll quickly see how they are your GOLD. We will go over the 5 Laws of GOLD (from THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON) and learn how to apply them to our gifts. If we don’t know how to use and invest our talent, we lose it. ($333 value)

“Gold clingeth to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of men wise in its handling.” Law 3

How to Make Love to Your Life to activate the passion of our soul and truly use our gifts to experience life as our LOVER (not our master). Once we’ve freed the emotional body from the chains of the lack matrix, our soul is at liberty to fully experience our desires as creators. We are suspicious of desire because we haven’t known its place in our soul’s journey. This class takes us to the heart of our desire (inside the genie lamp where we’ve imprisoned it) and free our inner genie (genius) to soar into the heights of its ability. This class will help you overcome the fear of your power and employ it in the  service of the win/win/win (aka Heaven on Earth) – ($444 value)

6 Week Abundance Training Course (for empath entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists, and writers) to discover our ideal client (or audience), connect to the network of astronomical abundance,  invest our gifts in the Abundance Matrix, and learn the art of Astral Gaming (creating heaven on earth with purpose and FUN!). The lack matrix makes “business” a war game. It takes the art of creation way too seriously (and makes Abundance seem like an unattainable goal only for the “worthy ones” who give their entire soul to the game). Yes, we are powerful and that power can hurt or harm, but the lack matrix has hidden our true power from us and enslaved our desire in competition and worthiness games. This class will realign your “business plan” with your “soul contract” and activate your innate gifts and Trinity technology to bring astronomical abundance to your lifestyle. This class lets you bypass all the business BS and go straight for your heart’s desire. ($999 value)

All 22 people participating in this SPELL will receive a private video session with me. ($122 value) and be added to a private Facebook group where I will be training LIVE with you each week.

Total value: $2009

New Years Magic Price: $599 (that’s a $1410 savings) 

*After Feb 1st all classes will be available individually at their listed value. None of the classes will be available apart from this group before Feb 1. This private group is the most “astronomical value” you can get on this GOLD. 

**If you paid for any of the beta test versions of these classes, you will receive the final updated version for free (on its own by Feb 1st).

22 is the Master Builder Number (and my life path number as well). Can you FEEL the power of this spell?!

Are you ready? Are you called?

We begin Jan. 1st.

The first 22 people who sign up are in. I can’t wait to see what we create.

The Spell of Astronomical Abundance (in action) 22 Master Builder Group – $599 (registration will be open until December 17th)

SOLD OUT (Jan – March)

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How to Use the Astral Network (For Empaths and Intuitives)

(Excerpt from Chakra Center)


Here’s the deal:

All the work we think we need to do on the internet, we can do in the astral realm. It’s called resonance training. And guess what?! It works faster and more efficiently than all the time/energy (and money!) we spend jumping through online technology hoops and algorithms! The trick is learning to hold the abundance signal consistently. The more you do it (and the more of us that do it) the easier it gets.

In my FREE workshop (“How to Connect to the Astral Network to Increase Your Abundance”) I will introduce the concept of creating an abundance algorithm on the astral network and making the signal clear so people and opportunities can find you.

How does this relate to “business”?

Every client I’ve manifested found me in their own synchronicity — not because of any social media formula I followed, but because I sent out a special request for them and used the internet as a way for them to find me.

In fact, every time I tried an “online business formula” or sales page, it failed. Why? Because if what I teach is true (we manifest based on our resonance), the sales page doesn’t matter. Resonance does. Authenticity matters. Truth matters. We must be true to what we are.

I was getting it backward. I thought I needed to know how social media worked. Nope. I needed to increase the strength of my signal to reach the people who were meant to work with me.

The more I worked on my signal, the better and better I got at manifesting my ideal client. Every time I followed an online formula, I attracted people who were not right for me (or no one at all).

Guys! I’ve been studying the abundance matrix for 5 years now.

What I’m going to teach in this workshop I haven’t shared anywhere else (not yet, anyway). You get a front-row seat and it’s free — so don’t miss it (oh — and be sure to subscribe to my podcast next week for even more details on this tech).

The thing is people who enjoy mega success didn’t get there by doing what everyone else did. They did something different. They broke the mold. They were early adopters of a new model.

And now here you are! An early adopter of abundance technology.

The timing couldn’t be better; social media is saturated. Time for something new.

 We are being asked for by the collective.

It took me 5 years of mentoring and coaching to figure out what works quickest and most powerfully to reach the people I’m meant to connect with. I fully support myself as a mentor, and I don’t rely on social media algorithms or sales formulas to do it.

Yes. Social media is a tool and it plays a role, but it’s a tool that’s malleable. The internet is meant to work FOR us, not be our master. It is meant to bend to OUR will, not the other way around. We must remember that we are the programmers. We need to tell it what to do (with love and gratitude, of course). But the entire purpose of the internet is to connect us.

Here’s how it goes:


  1. Clear all abundance blocks in your signal
  2. Let the world know what you do
  3. Do everything in your power to shift your resonance to a primary program of abundance
  4. Trust the Universe to bring the *exact* right people/opportunities in (win/win/win)
  5. Act when you feel the call
  6. Don’t miss the opportunities you asked for because of doubt or fear.
  7. Use synchronicity as a technology
  8. Memorize the energy signature of abundance (and lack) so you can quickly tell the difference

Consider this: In the same way the internet uses targeted marketing, the Universe will perfectly frequency match in the material world what you signal in your energy field. We must know what our signal broadcasts and learn to tune it to the *exact* resonance we want to experience.

This is how we take back our power from the external.

The Universe WILL match us up perfectly with our next step when we trust. All we need is to take that leap of faith.

Hopefully, I’ll see you on November 17th for our one hour workshop (11 am MST)! The LIVE will be held in a private Facebook group. You will receive an email on the 16th with access. If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so below:

Empaths Connect to the Astral Network

This is important.

Did you know we have an entire network of support outside of our 3d matrix? And the best part is, it’s not limited by the systems and hoops we have to jump through to get seen or connected in the 3d world. Access is not based on “worthiness.”

The Astral Network is used by everyone, but not many know how to use it consciously, purposefully, or with discernment (which is pretty unfortunate, because it’s a powerful tool that can be used to make our lives a whole lot easier). The problem is, when we unconsciously use it, it can make our lives a whole lot worse.

Empaths, you know those “unseen” realms you tune into? The world of the subconscious mind? Remember the whole “we only consciously use 10% of our minds” speech? Well, it’s true! But what if you could use your empathic gifts to tap into the other 90% of your abilities?

Empaths, intuitives, healers, and extra-sensories are all vital technology in this intricate web of multidimensional creation. When we tune our abilities into CO-CREATING heaven on earth, we strengthen the signal of this “web” and create more energetic access to it.

As each of us individually use our gifts to channel Heaven on Earth within our own electromagnetic field, we create a powerful bandwidth that opens up the gates (portals) for multidimensional assistance/healing (kinda like the “new” Internet, but rather than limiting our connection to the “world wide web,” we expand our signal out into the Multiverse). This is the next level “online business” (I also call this “Astral Networking”).

Think of connecting and co-creating with other aspects of life across worlds and dimensions. Anything that ever was or has been created exists and is available to us via this “network” and what we can do with it is unlimited.

This network of intuitives, empaths, psychics, and healers, is state-of-the-art technology and as we transcend the superstitious Dark Ages, we can finally understand how our power truly works in relationship to our co-created reality.

Yes. Our gifts can be used in service of Lack or Abundance, but we must know how our gifts and abilities are used in the Astrals and that we have a choice in the matter (if you don’t use your gifts, you lose them).

This realm has more power than we think.

Here’s an excerpt of a full LIVE I shared in my private VIP Facebook group on the subject. Because this info is so important, I wanted to share it with everyone.

If you’re interested in going deeper, the FREE LIVE WORKSHOP called “How to Use the Astral Network to Program Abundance into Your Reality.”

This workshop will be hosted in a private Facebook group on Saturday, November 17th from 11 am – 12 pm MST.

If you can’t make the LIVEs real-time, the info will be available in the group indefinitely (and you can pre-submit any questions you have — I’ll address them LIVE).

Sign up below:

How to Use the Astral Network to Program Abundance into Your Reality FREE WORKSHOP



Personal Video Sessions For You (SOLD OUT — New Time Frame Available)

Every day I receive messages on Youtube and my blog asking for personal sessions. Apart from being on sabbatical this summer, I felt led to only do 1:1 session when I felt called or inspired.

However, recently the major energy shifts and polarization have caused many empaths to feel triggered, confused, or scattered in their energy signature. Many of you have asked for personal guidance or insight/clarity on your current assignment.

Because of this I felt called to offer 10 personal 1:1 session. But rather than doing a phone or Skype session, I will create a personal 25-30 min video for you answering your questions and giving you my personal reading for your current situation.

I know it’s a MAJOR time for empaths and we need as much clarity and support as we can get. So for those of you who have been asking, here you go!

(I will begin recording the personal videos next week. Expect a 5-7 day turn around on your video). I only have 10 spots available.

Once you purchase a session, I will send you an email with questions as to your current situation and what you need clarity about.

My intention is to use my gifts to help you see through the fog and play the leverage points that move you to the next level.

I’m excited to connect with you!

Personal Video Reading $55

Also, here’s a video about the current shift that may help.