Djinn Magick: Dissolve Shadow Contracts + Set Your Heart Free (Online Class)

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Welcome to the art of DJINN MAGICK!

This material will give you the tools and awareness you need to dissolve any and all Shadow Contracts in your life, connect directly to Source for your power, and release stagnate energy stuck in your energy field draining your Life Force.

Most people don’t realize their magick djinn (desire/passion/creative power) is trapped and enslaved within them. The enslavement happened because the human collected bought into the belief that they are bad, powerless, and unworthy of creative power.

Our Djinns are always attempting to get free, but our agreements with lack keep them trapped and doing the bidding of darkness through fear, guilt, and shame.

But it’s time to change that.


You do not have to EARN your right to be here.

You do not have to PROVE you have worth.

And guess what?!

You have DIRECT access to Source (LOVE). You no longer have to give away your life force to get it.

You can’t buy, manipulate, or prove your way to Love.

Love is a FREE GIFT.

The problem is, we have habitual thoughts, words, and actions that repeat lack stories and beliefs which cause us to continue to experience lack in our reality.

If you want to go deeper into unwinding and dissolving the program of lack within yourself, this class will help.

Here’s what we cover:

*Shadow contracts: what they are, how they function, and how we can release ourselves from them.

*The role of emotions: how to develop emotional intelligence so we can strengthen our discernment and avoid entering into contracts with the Lack Matrix.

*The role AUTHENTIC DESIRE plays in creation and how to line them up with our actions to consciously create our reality.

*The power of our WORD: Why we need to speak authentically about our emotions and own what we want and how we feel.

*Triggers: How they work, their purpose, and how to use their powerful energy to catapult into your next reality.

*Sexual Energy: The central role our sexual nature plays in everything we attract and create in our lives. We’ll also cover how to use sexual energy for manifestation.

*Intention: It’s power, purpose, and place in manifestation.

THIS IS A PRE-RECORDED CLASS and is NOT taught LIVE.  You will receive an email with access to the class on the day it is released (MAY 5th 2019).

Each topic is taught in an online module which you can access in your own time and at your own pace. You will have indefinite access to the class (you’ll just need internet connection).

Everyone who preregisters gets 1 year access to the my Abundance Matrix Mastermind group on Facebook, for free ($88 value).

Refunds for this class will only be granted BEFORE the class is released. Please allow 7-14 business days to process all refunds.

Ladies and gents, we are entering into the TIME OF THE FREE DJINNS and the release and restoration of the human heart! How excited that you’re apart of this adventure.

Magick was real all along! It was just working against us. Can you believe it?!

So excited for you to dive in!

Djinn Magick Pre-Recorded class (Released May 5th 2019) $111

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Wanna learn more about Shadow Contracts? Check out this video.