Empaths: Free Yourself from Lack Matrix


It’s ALMOST here. The NEW (and infinitely more potent) DJINN MAGICK online class.

Official release will be in February, but we are taking a private group of creators through the course material as a special PRE-RELEASE (which includes 3 LIVE Facebook workshops to get deeper into the material with the creators of the class).

All material will be sent to your inbox and can be accessed at your own convenience. The LIVE FACEBOOK workshops will be schedule once everyone is added to the group. Replay of the workshops will be available indefinitely (so don’t worry if you miss one).

Here’s the outline of DJINN MAGICK

Spell 1: Embrace Your Urge

Learn how to recognize and embrace your creative/sexual energy to activate your personal Abundance grid.

Spell 2: Dissolve Your Shadow Contracts

Understand what shadow contracts are and the role they play in keeping your creative energy enslaved to do the bidding of the lack matrix. Learn how to dissolve them (and never go back).

Spell 3: Trigger Your Fault lines

Fault lines are the areas in your life that hold the most suppressed power. Once you’ve dissolved your shadow contracts it’s easy to see where your strongholds are, what grids/people they are connected to, and strategically trigger their power to catapult you into the Abundance Matrix. Fault lines contain MASSIVE untapped power and potential.

Spell 4: Chase Your Personal Anomaly 

Anomaly is the most powerful tool to free yourself from automatic lack programs. This spell will help you trigger anomaly in your unique patterns and make room for something NEW and propulsive in your creative expression.

Spell 5: Enact Your Sovereignty 

When we claim our sovereignty we perform the ultimate declaration of freedom from lack. We give ourselves permission to be creative, magnetic humans and we allow others to do the same. We release all responsibility for other people’s storylines, emotions, and creations, and take ownership of the only storyline we are responsible for: our own.

Spell 7: See Yourself Through the Eye of Witness 

The “All Seeing Eye” of judgement is ultimately the program/perspective that keeps us in lack and fuels the illusionary grid of the lack matrix. In order to be free from its power, we must see beyond it. We must See ourselves (and others) through the Eye of Witness (which is beyond judgment and beyond the duality matrix of “right/wrong” “good/bad”). When we truly Witness our humanity, we claim it, and therefore, set it free.

Djinn Magick Release Price $333

Special Pre-Registration price: $222 (save $111)

(+ 3 Live Facebook workshops + Private Facebook Group Access)

Pre-Registration open until Monday, Jan. 6th.

Make sure to add me as a contact so you don’t miss any content (check your spam folder if you don’t see anything by Monday at 12pm MST).

Trigger Warning: DO NOT BUY THIS CLASS if you are uncomfortable hearing about sex, sexuality, and adult conversation.

**If you’ve bought the any previous version of this class you get the final version for free (which will be released in Feb). Don’t buy it again!**

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