“I began working with Amanda one year ago. Having personal access to her through mentoring as we’ve worked through several of her courses have made these last twelve months the most illuminating of my life. Her knowledge drawn upon her experiences as an empath coupled with her thirst to go deeper into what it means for us to be feeling beings allows her to communicate at an exceptional level. She speaks to my mind and to my heart. Working with her satisfies my mind’s need to put all the pieces together. More importantly, though, she holds space for my heart to be seen in all its complexity. She encourages my emotional development and my heart’s strengthening with compassion every step of the way. At the same time, she offers relevant, applicable tips and steps to overcome hardwired and deeply programmed obstacles. Working with Amanda has given me the ability to become more of who I already am and to learn to love myself more deeply and fully in the process.” Brianna Hayes,¬†Essential Oil Enthusiast