Find Your Spark to Create Abundance (LIVE Workshop)

To attract abundance, we need energy.

Energy IS abundance.

If we constantly feel like we have NO FUEL for the things we want to do, our energy is probably drained in past lessons we haven’t fully received, past wounds that have not been healed, or past mistakes that have not been forgiven.

Simply put, in order to have our SPARK, we need need to put the past to rest so we can focus all of our energy on what we are creating NOW.

In the video below I explain (in detail) how it works.

And if you want to go deeper, I’m doing a 5 day LIVE workshop (via a private Facebook group) that will not only ignite your spark, but direct your energy to light up the grid of astronomical abundance in your life.

(Make sure you watch the video before you register to make sure it’s right for you).

SPARK Workshop

Date: Feb. 14th – 18th

Where: Private Facebook Group (you will receive access on the 13th by Midnight MST)

Price: $111

Details: I will be LIVE the 14th, 16th, and the 18th at 11:11 am MST.

Thursday Feb 14th 11:11 am MST: We activate the power of the PRESENT MOMENT to SPARK our creative power.

Friday Feb 15th: Integration Day: This is your day to do the “action step” from the material we covered on Thursday. A powerful way to align with your purpose.

Saturday Feb 16th: We activate our connection to our FUTURE through consciously fueling the connection to the network of Abundance Network and the new future we line up to as we overcome our lack programs. Access your own personal algorithm of Abundance.

Sunday Feb 17th: Integration day: This is your day to do the “action step” from the material we covered on Saturday (this includes exercises to connect to the Astral Network)

Monday Feb 18th: Release and Integrate the Past: Today I share how you can own your story, forgive and release your past, and call back the aspects of your power that have been trapped in past programming (this will line you up perfectly with the Full Moon energy on the 19th. Use that energy to release what no longer serves you)

This workshop is intended to release any stuck/stagnate energy in your energy field that has blocked abundance, healing, or your SPARK for life.

If you can’t attend the workshop LIVE, the videos will be available to watch at your convenience (and you can post your questions in the Facebook group for me to address in the LIVEs).

The days in-between the LIVEs will give you an opportunity to do the homework (don’t worry, it’s all fun manifestation) as well as connect with others in the group, share your process, thoughts, questions, etc.

At the end of every LIVE I’ll take your questions (real time) and help you work through the blocks in your own process.

As we do this work, we light up the grid of abundance and make our signal clear for the Universe to bring to us exactly what we need for the next step in our journey. I can’t wait to see what we will create!

(And guess what? You’ll have access to the videos indefinitely).

If you are called to this workshop, all you have to do is ACT on the call.

Can’t wait to connect!


SPARK (How to Heal the Past, Create Your Ideal Future, and Attract Massive Abundance in the NOW) $111 . THE LIVE WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT. The archived version will be available when the on 2/27..

2 thoughts on “Find Your Spark to Create Abundance (LIVE Workshop)”

  1. Hi Amanda, I really want to do the spark class however I have to work and I don’t know how I would be able to go on Facebook live with you at the designated times I live in Florida so I know there is a time difference as well. I’ve I really feel led to take this class I know It would be right for me . Where would you be at on the time zone? Thanks, Lorrie


    1. Hi Lorrie! The videos will be available to watch even if you can’t attend LIVE. But if you want to attend LIVE the timzone I will be LIVE in is MST. I believe Florida is two hours ahead (but you may want to double check that). Hope that helps.


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